Beyond My Forehead, a Star - Astrocytoma Diary

by Pirko Edes in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Beyond My Forehead, a Star - Astrocytoma Diary
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Help me fund my exhibition documenting my journey with a brain tumour

by Pirko Edes in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Wow! Thanks to your incredible support, I hit my goal and can finally rent the venue for the exhibition! I'm so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you who believed in this project. <3

Truthfully, every extra bit raised would be a huge help.  Running an exhibition involves a lot of behind-the-scenes costs, like printing the rewards you unlocked and the materials needed to bring the exhibition to life.  Any additional funds would go towards covering those costs, along with allowing me to compensate myself a bit for the time invested in creating everything.

Every little bit helps me focus on making this exhibition the best it can be, without worrying about the financial side of things.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your amazing support! 

Visualising transformation

In the spring of 2022, at the age of 31, my life took an unexpected turn with the sudden diagnosis of a stage two astrocytoma brain tumour.

To visually document this transformative journey, I'm creating a series of artworks. Each piece will feature a central illustration, figurative yet abstract to convey the emotional depth of my experiences. Alongside each illustration, there will be a corresponding "montage."  

This two-part approach allows viewers to explore the theme from multiple perspectives.  The illustrations provide a glimpse into the emotional landscape, while the montages offer concrete details and facts through text, photos, and objects. This creates a richer, more layered experience, a visual conversation, ultimately offering a deeper understanding of my journey.

Driven by a desire to share this experience, I'm working towards organising an exhibition of these artworks.  1713357799_crowfunding_pictures3.png

Art for understanding

Through this illustrative series, my aim is to transmute the trials of my experience into art, resonating with others navigating similar paths of resilience. I seek to capture both the emotional and physical impact of diagnosis and treatment, expressing my thoughts and feelings through drawings in the pursuit of peace and understanding for myself, while also offering a sense of connection and shared experience for others facing similar challenges. These illustrations serve as a reminder to those feeling isolated that they are not alone.


Sharing the journey

Funds raised through this campaign will primarily cover the costs of hosting the exhibition at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall this summer. This vibrant Edinburgh arts space, renowned for fostering community engagement and artistic connections, would be the ideal venue to showcase my work.

 Additionally, any surplus funds will be allocated towards material costs, framing, and compensating for the hours spent working on the exhibition.


About me

I'm Pirko Edes, a versatile artist with a passion for illustration, graphic design, and bookbinding. 

My artistic journey began at an art-focused high school, where I honed my skills and discovered my love for visual storytelling.

Following my time at university, where I earned a degree in graphic design and illustration, I delved into the world of graphic design. I had the opportunity to create captivating graphic materials for a variety of international festivals.

In addition, I ventured into the realm of layout design, collaborating with different publishers. These experiences allowed me to refine my craft and develop a keen eye for detail and composition.

I also worked in the creative team at IKEA as a graphic designer. Here, I had the privilege of contributing to innovative design projects and campaigns, further expanding my skill set and knowledge of design principles.

You can find some of my projects here:


Since relocating to Scotland, I have directed my creative energies towards personal ventures. Together with my husband, I operate a small shop in Edinburgh, showcasing our art alongside that of other local artists and artisans. Our focus is on promoting sustainable living solutions for everyday life.1713347325_crowfunding_pictures1.png

Thank you for your attention 

I am genuinely grateful for any support you can offer. Whether you choose to donate directly or select a reward tier, your generosity will not only help me share my story with others but also foster understanding, connection, and inspiration within our community.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£1 or more

Digital Thank You Card

Every journey begins with a single step. Even if times are tight, with a symbolic £1 contribution, you can still show your support and be a part of making this exhibition a reality. You'll receive a heartfelt digital thank you card expressing my deepest gratitude for your kindness.

£5 or more

Handwritten Thank You Card

Show your support and receive a heartfelt thank you note, handwritten on an A6 card featuring one of my illustrations from the exhibition.

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A5 Print

Deepen your support and receive a high-quality A5 print featuring one of the illustrations from the exhibition. Choose the quantity you'd like on the checkout page. I'll be in touch to confirm your preferred choices among the illustrations.

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A4 Print

Following your generous £25 contribution, you'll receive an A4 print showcasing one of the illustrations from the exhibition. This larger size allows for even greater appreciation of the artwork's detail and depth. Choose the quantity you'd like on the checkout page. I'll be in touch to confirm your preferred choices among the illustrations.

£30 or more

Exhibition Zine

Following your gracious support, you'll receive an exclusive Exhibition Zine - an immersive journey through the complete story told by the artwork featured in the exhibition.

£35 or more

A3 Print

Your incredible £35 contribution allows you to own a piece of the artwork in its original size! You'll receive an A3 print featuring one of the illustrations from the exhibition. This size matches the original artwork, allowing you to fully appreciate my vision and the intricate details. Choose the quantity you'd like on the checkout page. I'll be in touch to confirm your preferred choices among the illustrations.

£60 or more

Framed A3 Print

With this lovely contribution, you will receive an A3 print in a frame featuring an illustration from the exhibition that complements the artwork beautifully, drawing attention to its intricate details and enhancing its overall presence. Choose the quantity you'd like on the checkout page. I'll be in touch to confirm your preferred choices among the illustrations.

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