Artist of economics

by Sebastian Neil Achermann in Oberdorf, Lebern District, Switzerland

Artist of economics
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To create on online consultancy of economics through the eyes of an artist. Nessesary expences: hardware, online office, & YouTube channel.

by Sebastian Neil Achermann in Oberdorf, Lebern District, Switzerland

An Artist of economics.

Arriving here in Europe 10 Years ago, from one of the colonies, I was determined to know how all these people work together to be a bigger economic and cultural influence in our lives than China and even America.

I was born from a Swiss Father and My Mother is from South America. I grew up near Vancover,  British Colombia and now live between England and Switzerland because I have been cursed with this English language as a Mother tongue it is embarrassing to live anywhere else. Any questions You may have will start with payment.

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