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by SquirrelARTS Creative Cic in Margate, Kent, United Kingdom

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Seeking to raise funds for the development of creative art and craft workshops. A teaching space with a focus on community engagement.

by SquirrelARTS Creative Cic in Margate, Kent, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 16th December 2021 we'd raised £110 with 3 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

The intention is to further develop SquirrelARTS Creative Cic a creative visual arts hub that operates to support various communities within Thanet and beyond. The space will provide...

Space - For creatives and Artists to hold workshops of their own.

Project Space - We have a street level accessible space that workshops and classes can be run in. Full disability access and parking.

Gallery - Displaying artwork, on a roll over monthly basis.

 Printing - Printing press and equipment for printing work. 

Small Library - Books, reference, and research in an inviting space to drink coffee and take a break. 

 Meeting Space - Space for creatives to meet & discuss thoughts, plans, projects & proposals. We can hire out our space. 

 One to one mentoring - Quiet space for individually teaching. Run by our resident artists. 

 Family and Children - Workshops and art parties. 

We have had a year of stop start with covid like many non-profit businesses we have and continue to struggle. Before we can really start to operate the space how we visualise we need funds. The money raised will go towards essential plumbing works we desperately need a bigger wheelchair accessible sink! Better accessibility around the studio ensuring wheelchair access to all facilities and collapsing adjustable tables suitable for wheelchairs and other specialist equipment. We would like to fully adapt the space including having hoists available for those who wish to get out of their wheelchairs to fully access larger pieces of work. We also need to purchase specific art material adaptations for those that cannot hold regular art tools and ergonomic equipment to assist in making the studio as comfortable as possible to suit any needs. We need to ensure fire safety precautions and heating system are up to top standard all to make the building safe, warm, and accessible for all.

At the beginning we were in a pretty awful state...



 Extra funds will help us to transform our vision into making SquirrelARTS Creative Cic a vibrant community focused creative arts hub accessible and welcoming to all.

Reaching our bigger target will help us to pay for more essential equipment for those with disabilities and organising events reaching out further into the community and schools. 

There is a LOT of work we run with volunteers who work so hard to provide Art for All. Every extra bit will get us closer to providing to our Thanet community. 

 What we plan to expand on in the space...

Workshops - A variety of both contemporary and traditional approaches to visual arts and crafts.

 Courses - Extended programmes delivery key skills to develop and expand in print making, painting, illustration, sculpture, sewing the list continues to expand. 

Demonstrations - Recognised artists presenting their work and professional practice. 

Collaborations - With Global Generation Church, Pipeline, Aspires, integrating approaches to the visual arts to reach young people and community.

Exhibitions - High quality projects from both our children’s art club members to emerging artists presenting and showcasing their art works. 

 Arts Award - To inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents, supporting the development of 21st century skills. Suitable for all abilities and age groups, Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, from Discover to Gold.

What we will spend the money on...

There is a LOT of work that needs doing! Despite us being up and running. The money we raise will go towards.

•           Larger accessible Sink

•           New laminate flooring 

•           Building wide heating

•           Security systems

•           More tech equipment for animations, ipads, animation stand

•           Re-work street level accessible for wheelchairs

•           Equipment for those with disabilities, tables, art equipment, ergonomic equipment and adapted equipment including hoists and supportive seating or armrests.

•           Training for Arts Award 

•           Re-vamp in cleaning, painting & decorating, new storage solutions to make space for ease for wheelchairs.

All to make the building safe, secure, warm and accessible to all where we will deliver an exciting range of activities, events and workshops.

The overall intentions of SquirrelARTS Creative Cic and the project are to...

Reach out and serve a broad and diverse range of social groups including marginalised and underrepresented, disabled communities in need of inclusive, accessible, motivating and inspiring experiences.



Engage with the community and local schools and organisations helping them to develop a broader and more sustainable long term creative practice by learning the importance of art. Support independent creative practitioners, especially those with an interest in arts and creative practice who might not have access to facilities. Helping them to build on and develop their skill sets and expertise, working towards a more sustainable and resilient way of wellbeing through creativity. Running art competitions for children and schools in our local Community.


Offer opportunities for local businesses and organisations interested in developing social outreach programmes and in making creative connections with Thanet. 

Explore ways of working safely and appropriately with the community mindful of the current climate, keeping people connected both in a safe welcoming space.

Focus on diversity, inclusion and accessibility, embedding this into all our planning and production so it reflects the full range of backgrounds, perspectives and abilities within our society.

 Positive outcomes if we are successful...

    •    Create a vibrant social and inviting space

    •    Support our local community 

    •    Bring art and creative workshops to Thanet and the surrounding areas

    •    Revitalise creativity within our community ‘Art for All’ everyone can have a go

    •    Support artists and creative practitioners

    •    Support local businesses by bringing new trade with collaborative projects

    •    Nurture talent in young people help them grow 

    •    Make creative connections across sectors

    •    Encourage new demographic of people to visit the area

    •    Draw in non Thanet residents to the area

We know already that we are beginning to outgrow our space and our building might not be forever. That we will hopefully need to expand to bigger premises what this space currently allows us to do is set up an exciting and engaging community based creative space. To put in place the structures and resources needed for the organisation and its vision to develop and thrive. We want to allow building connections with local community groups, artists, and organisations and to create a working model that we can take with us if/when we are moved on at some point to bigger premises in the future.



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