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Art Project Charity Fundraising Platform

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The project aim is to use the success of the original May 2020 art project to further support Charities in West Yorkshire and beyond.

We're still collecting donations

On the 5th February 2021 we'd raised £580 with 39 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

It will provide a more quality website and the option to pay for the upkeep of the website. It will provide more opportunity to advertise the project with the world and the charities who would like our help. We will be able to pre- stock more images and discuss postage and packaging costs to make it as affordable as possible.

Hello all, I am a Dramatherapist who in March 2020 lost all her new contracts in schools and the community - due to Covid. Lo and behold - we are locked back down in the UK! Here comes Lockdown number three BUT with a new 2021 project idea!

In April 2020 the Bradford Council released a #response funding budget and I applied with a quirky Art idea. I won a small pocket of money and used it to create a big community - isolating Art project. 48 households took part and over 120 canvases were painted - All in the same day and in a 24hour period - It was amazing! Age of members was from 5-93years of age -  NHS nurses, teachers, doctors, engineers, mums, dads, grandmas, grandads, sisters, uncles all joined in to paint! here are some of the masterpieces.


As the budget was tiny - I was my team (my partner helped with distributing the canvases etc), I organised everything from social media adverts, buying the stock, distributing materials, creating consent forms, managing the day, picking up painted canvases, newspaper articles etc. and the project is now featuring in the Peace Museum

I wanted to be able to exhibit the canvases in an Art gallery - unite them all together etc - but Covid is still stopping such an event and so...

Here comes my latest idea and I need your help!

I have 120 fantastic art paintings securely stored away. There are thousands of local and national small charities that need the help of their communities to keep them going. I want to create a website shop where you can purchase a copy of one of the 120 images in a postcard, framed picture, cup, calendar etc... and when you do so, you are automatically donating to charity!!! so its win win. The idea is - the more we put out there and raise in a month the more charitable funds we will raise and the more grants and support we can provide. It will generate a whole heap of different support avenues and followers and buyers. I want this project to take off and be around for years - supporting hundreds of charitable causes that need it the most!

 I even want to make it so people can purchase a monthly subscription and they get a random image sent to them each month. I also want to welcome more art donations that can be added to the collection and their prints also sold, as to keep the project alive and fresh!...basically anything to make this project quirky, affordable but also true to the idea of giving back.

I now need some funds and support to help finance the website building and the advertising of it! I have the web designer on board and the photographer who will take outstanding quality pictures of the images and help me run the ordering and dispatching elements of the project. 

Any help, guidance, donations are gratefully received as I am at present, a one man band and a need a bigger drum!

Please see @kayledramatherpy on Instagram for an idea of the 2020 project.

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