Art Hubs for schools and artists


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Art Hubs for schools and artists
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Art Hub shared spaces, for artists, schools, health services, and wider community. With specialist art facilities and inclusive studios


As a former art teacher and a Director of a private art school, I have seen first hand that Fine art skills and craft is something of a elite subject, if wanted to be accessed in its full dimensions. This is why I want to create art hubs accessible for local community uses and artists affordable studio spaces.  

 As a art teacher I have worked with fine-artists, art therapist,  and other creative people, that also continued their own art practices, a long-side their day job.

 Therefore, having a artists run art hub, with artists studios combined with fully equipped art and craft workshop spaces,  made affordable and  accessible to school and communities, would be  the ideal 2 way functional art space. Benefiting the artistic community and the wider community. 

Establishing a art hubs in local communities that are fully equipped and affordable to accesses is a win, win, for schools, local community groups, artists and the expansion of creativity via accessibility and levelling up.    

How We Propose To Do This:

-Lease our first building in a London borough.

-Convert this building into different specialist art studios and create artist private studios (Kiln studio, Wood-work studio, Fine art studio, Graphic studio, Textiles and print studio, Live drawing studio, photography studio ect...) 

- let the artist studios  spaces to specialist artists and technicians that can work in the spaces as well as deliver lessons and classes for schools, community groups. 



To be an off-site fully equipped art hub for schools to have access to at affordable prices . Which also functions as artists workspaces, as the artists that work in the space with the specialist knowledge can deliver specialist art sessions for schools and community groups. Ideal working environment for  art therapist, art teacher, art technician, working, practicing and sharing skills in a platform set to expand creativity.


A society that embraces creativity expands imagination. Art is not only a visual tool for viewers, but the maker of the art also benefits from self-exploring, developing self confidence as art as a subject has no right or wrong answer.  A create subject and tool to help with mindfulness and mental-health tool used in art therapy. Therefore, a art hub that is affordable, accessible and run by artists is a ideal space needed in all areas of the country.



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