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Art Care Education "Making a difference by enhancing lives through art". In the gallery in Somerton, Somerset we showcase art and craft work from mainly local artists. In our gallery space we host changing exhibitions, provide education / workshops for adults and children, and provide an outreach programme aimed at improving wellbeing in community settings.



The Red Dress is a global collaborative embroidery project conceived by British artist Kirstie Macleod. 14 years in the making, and involving 380 embroiderers from 51 different countries, it seeks to connect individuals from all walks of life and provide a platform for women’s voices to be heard.

In 2022, we had the honour of hosting an exhibition that showcased the famous Red Dress and the Somerset artists who embroidered onto it. This remarkable event drew in a staggering 4,500 visitors to ACEarts in just 15 days.  During which time, many of the local business also benefited.

Since then, the dress has become a huge topic of conversation. We have heard stories from people who saw it here, as well as those who missed it. Those who who have only seen it on TV or followed its international story online. All of these people are excited by its return. It's amazing how it has captured the imagination of so many people and they have taken it to their hearts.  It’s such a magnificent, unifying project.

We are excited to announce that the upcoming exhibition in June promises to be even better; since it was last at ACEarts, more than 100 artisans from an additional 22 countries have added to the embroidery on the dress. 

We forecast that an estimated 10,000+ people will visit our light and airy gallery space to experience the beauty of the Red Dress up close and personal. The exhibition space provides the perfect setting to appreciate all of the intricate details and stories that make it so amazing. For more information, please go to


But that's not all. 

By attending the exhibition, not only will visitors be supporting our arts and education charity, they will also help to boost the local economy when visiting the many independent businesses in the town of Somerton, Somerset. As more and more people attend the exhibition, it will help the local economy grow, and create more opportunities for these small businesses. 

In order to host The Red Dress in June of this year, we need a minimum of £2800.  But in order to provide access to more people on more days and to offer illustrated talks with Kirstie, artisans and curators, we need to raise £7000 to cover transport, insurance, additional staffing, overheads and events. 

So, we’re asking you to support us today and inviting you to come and visit us, be a part of this incredible exhibition, and contribute to the growth of this very special town.

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25th March 2024 at 8:46am

Well done Nina and Team, we are behind you. 👏 Looking forward to a return visit with Long SuttonWI members 🙏

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Looking forward to seeing the red dress again in Somerton. Keep up the good work ACEarts.

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