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With the kind support of donors we hope to raise £25k. This money will pay for a new emergency responder vehicle which will help saves lives

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On the 14th December 2020 we'd raised £140 with 4 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Our Story

The motivation behind Arrive Alive’s lifesaving work was Ellie, the daughter of Debbie Roscoe the CEO of Arrive Alive. Ellie contracted a life threatening case of measles, upon hospitalisation she developed various complications.

During the illness, her Mother contacted NHS 111 for advice, and was quoted a wait of two to four hours for an ambulance. The wait was due to a GP suspecting that Ellie had just an ordinary virus. This almost cost Ellie her life.

What you may not know about Arrive Alive

Arrive Alive has the aim of reducing the wait for lifesaving emergency medical assistance following a 999 call, by fundraising for vitally needed voluntary operated lifesaving vehicles and equipment. An Arrive Alive vehicle can arrive on the scene of a medical emergency within those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance, this will enable more lives to be saved. Trained emergency responders operate an informal rota system and are stationed from home or their place of work. Each trained emergency responder, using the vehicles provided, can arrive on scene within less than the NHS outlined seven minutes due to already being stationed within the community of the emergency. 

NHS England requires more emergency medical resources each year due to demand increasing year on year. NHS England governs each Ambulance Service across England and projects response times for each ambulance.

Arrive Alive responder vehicles and the trained staff attend the following category emergencies

Category 1

An immediate response to a life threatening condition.

7 minutes

Category 2

A serious condition such as stroke or chest pain which requires urgent assessment.

18 minutes

Arriving before the normal air or road ambulance. even by a few seconds or minutes can help save lives. 

This example shows the importance of the first responder vehicles and how often they can arrive "on scene" first.


Please read more, donate what you can, create your own fundraising page and have a chance of an amazing once in a lifetime reward.

EVERY SECOND - Can be the Difference

Ellie and Debbie now know from first hand experience that vital seconds can produce a different outcome when faced with a critical life threatening medical emergency. This is why they started the charity to fund emergency response vehicles which can support the emergency services during those critical moments.

An Arrive Alive vehicle can arrive within those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance to initiate lifesaving medical treatment. Arrive Alive has been able to launch and fund three lifesaving vehicles to date but wants to expand due to the demand for more vehicles from the trained medical volunteers.


What the people we support say about us?

Terry Flower - Chairman of FastAid Solihull & Birmingham. 

"FastAid Solihull & Birmingham has so many reasons to thank you, the wonderful team at Arrive Alive including the Charity Trustees, and your many fundraising volunteers. 

To raise the money for one car is an achievement in itself, to do so for the third car is a testament to the dedication, energy and commitment of Arrive Alive. We are enjoying the new Dacia Logan tremendously. It is very visible, carries the FastAid and Arrive Alive branding and has space and reliability, not necessarily found when responders use their own car.

 Only dedicated scheme cars carry the specialist equipment such as a patient monitor with ECG readings, electronic suction, advanced defibrillator, major trauma and burns packs, helmets; even smoke escape hoods and sterile water for use after an acid attack. They are immediately and reassuringly recognisable, and because of the hi-visibility livery and safety lighting, are sent to calls such as road traffic collisions and are part of the Ambulance Major Incident Plan. 

 For added safety, each is supplied with an ambulance radio, which enables instant communication with the Emergency Operations Centre. In the past, we have either relied on members using their own vehicles or entered into expensive leasing arrangements which required even more fundraising. We have the skills, we have the equipment and we can now go to more calls, get to more patients and be tasked to emergencies more quickly. In short, we are able to help more people, faster, with first-class equipment and an instantly recognisable vehicle. This makes us very proud". 

Andy Jeynes Community Response Manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service UNHSFT said 

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Arrive Alive and the support they have given our Community Responders. WMAS UNHSFT have a number of Responders across the region who support the Ambulance Service in delivering the right Patient care to the Right place at the right Time. These Volunteers respond in their own time to life threatening emergencies to render first aid prior to the arrival of an Ambulance. They are completely self-funded and the provision of Scheme Responder cars by Arrive Alive to these lifesaving groups is amazing. WMAS UNHSFT welcome the support Arrive Alive have given our Schemes and we look forward to continuing working together”


The Arrive Alive Team

Arrive Alive is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers and passionate trustees. Debbie Roscoe, the CEO is the driving force behind the charity and along with the volunteers work night and day to raise the funds needed to get more vehicles on the road. Vehicles that can support our amazing emergency services and help save lives.


Why we need your support.

Arrive Alive doesn't have huge overheads as all of the money they raise goes towards funding new vehicles and equipement. No expensive office space or salaries. All of the money you donate will help the charity survive and grow.

Every pound we raise means we can provide the vehicles that can save those vital seconds which can be lifesaving. If your loved one was seriously ill or injured wouldn't you want them to have the very best chance of survival?

Please help us to ensure no one dies or becomes more seriously ill because they can't get the help they need as quickly as possible. If it was your loved one wouldn't you want want to ensure that any serious delays were minimised?

Please donate, fundraise and share our story to encourage others to do the same. Help Arrive Alive purchase more vehicles for use by trained emergency responders and help us save lives.

Thanks You

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Every individual or business who donates will go into a random draw to have the next Emergency Response Vehicle named after them or a person of their choice. It could be a loved one, a business or themselves. Their name will be put onto the vehicle for at least 12 months and they will be invited to any handover event that takes place. Imagine having a much loved and missed family member remembered or your business having great publicity??

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