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Some of our Exeter rebels could be arrested in Glasgow. They will need support with legal and travel costs.

Funds are getting low in XR Exeter!

One of our Exeter rebels - James Brown - is in prison pending an appeal against his unfair and punitive sentence.


James in happier times...

Exeter XR would like to donate to his legal appeal fund, but we are in need of funding.

Many Exeter rebels are going to Glasgow - and some will be arrested. They will need your support!

Getting good advice costs money - and arrestees will probably have to return to Glasgow to attend court hearings. We need to be able to assist our rebels wherever possible. To do this we must again ask for your support.

It is critical that we keep up the pressure on the vested interests at this time. Please donate what you can as soon as possible. Thank you.


Rebels in Exeter.



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