Annie Mae's Doula Training

by Annie Mae Rorke in Gulval, England, United Kingdom

Annie Mae's Doula Training

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          * * * PLEASE NOTE THE NEW GOAL IS £500 * * *Dear family, friends, loved ones & perhaps kind strangers...To cut a long wa...

by Annie Mae Rorke in Gulval, England, United Kingdom

          * * * PLEASE NOTE THE NEW GOAL IS £500 * * *

Dear family, friends, loved ones & perhaps kind strangers...

To cut a long waffle (slightly) short(er than long)... I've decided to train as a birth keeper for the following reasons:

1. I care deeply and find myself extremely excited about pregnancy, birth and parenting - as well as very distressed by the racial discrepancy in maternal mortality rates. Women of colour are five times more likely than white women to die of pregnancy or birth-related complications. 

2. I have a 6 week old baby and don't want to leave her for 40+ hours a week to work for somebody else. This course will allow me to market myself not only as a birth keeper, but also a Speech & Language Therapist (my primary profession), so that I can work for myself, offering my services more easily wherever I am.

3. I have a Ghanaian partner and a British family and I'd like to be able to see both.

And I am asking for your help to pay for the course for the following reason:

1. I'm skint (my partner and I both lost our jobs in March, when I was 6 months pregnant)

Finally, you won't regret it because...

1. I'll buy you a pint when I'm a super rich doula, 

2. I'll let you ride in the back of my Bentley (I care nothing for cars. Is that an expensive one?!)

          * * * PLEASE NOTE THE NEW GOAL IS £500 * * *

Thank you SO much for whatever contribution you can afford to make. All and any support is received with deep gratitude. Much love!

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