An Tarow - a Cornish language drama

by MACKLING in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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A contemporary drama that brings the Cornish language and its folk tales into a present day setting, exploring the theme of domestic abuse.

by MACKLING in Truro, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We believe in paying our cast and crew as fairly as we can. With the support of local crew and cast and their passion for filmmaking, we are lucky that everyone has agreed to come on board with the small wage we can offer. With a bit more money, we'd like to be able to give each person a bit extra for the extremely hard work and dedication that has already gone into An Tarow from people who think it's important to get a story like this out there. We also would use the money for post - production and the score. 

We will also be able to create a marketing campaign to get the film out into the wider world. Starting in Cornwall, who knows what festival it could end up in! 

And finally, increasing the post-production budget will be a huge step that will allow us to go BIG with the score, BIG with the grading and BIG with the sound design. All vital, and all resting on a bit of extra money to push it over from being good, to great. 

A contemporary Cornish drama. When his mother’s folk stories become ominously connected to his own reality, Peder musters the courage to confront the shadowy figure that looms heavily over their family.


A dark shadow seems to follow the defiant youngster Peder wherever he goes. Whilst happiest in the open landscapes around the Quoit close to his home, he cannot shake the nightmarish presence of a bull – An Tarow – that threatens to overwhelm him. He knows his father is a violent drunk and he’s certain something happens downstairs after he’s gone to bed; yet his mother keeps him removed as much as she can through their shared love of folktales.

Gradually his mother’s stories of Bucca’s, Piskies and Knockers give Peder an entirely new means of escape, and his journeys to school becomes a great hunt for any sign of their presence. Whilst still wary of the sounds that come from downstairs at night, he begins to imagine confronting these dark terrors.

Meet the crew

Jonny Dry - Director 

Jonny has worked exclusively on directing fictional work since 2012 with his debut short film 'Halves'. Since then he has gone on to self-fund and produce further films, namely short film 'To Meet a Sun Died Amber' and three music videos for Bristol based musician Chris Garcia.

He is set to direct two short films in 2019 – 'Touched by Flaming Brands' and 'An Tarow' – following the release of his most recent short film 'Third Quarter' which is currently screening at UK film festivals. He is an equally proud advocate of regional filmmaking, with extensive networks in both the north, and southwest and through his work as programmer and co-ordinator of the successful Cornish Slates networking events at the Falmouth Poly, which provide an opportunity for new and emerging filmmakers to show Cornish work on a big screen, meet like-minded creators and discuss future projects

Supporting his directorial projects is an extensive slate of 1st AD work which includes both short and feature length productions. His recent credits include Hannah Hill’s comedy short film ‘Lasagne’ starring Matthew Kelly and Felicity Montagu, and Martha Tilston’s debut Cornish feature ‘The Tape’.

Alongside his work in the film industry Jonny also writes on mountain culture and the environment, and is on the Board of Directors for the British Mountaineering Council.

Ella Turner - Producer 

Following a first class degree in Film and a Masters in Film and Television, Ella has worked on a combination of drama and documentary. Remaining in Cornwall, she has made the most of utilising the creative community and building her network. 

Ella was recently the production manager on a feature film shot in Cornwall and London, and is working with two documentary filmmakers based in the South West. Her own work was shortlisted as part of the New Creatives talent development programme, supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts, and has also been shortlisted by Exeter Phoenix and Real Stories for her documentary project, Guns of the South, which is currently in pre-production. 

Alongside her film work, Ella also manages Talula Cup UK, a women's menstrual health business based in Cornwall and Zambia. 

Samuel Jay Chessell - Screenwriter 

Following a Master’s of Fine Art designing an interactive art installation which ultimately went on to inspire further short film work, Sam’s first feature script Sentinel received positive feedback from Bafta Rocliffe in 2018, and he is currently working towards his second feature Undertow – a bittersweet drama set in Cornwall. 

Alongside this he has also written several short scripts, one of which Home was long-listed for the Shore Scripts Short Film Fund in 2019. Sam also works as a narrative designer & writer on video games, he is currently working with a number of independent developers on various sizes and styles of game – from Sci-Fi Shoot ‘em Ups, to Horror Puzzle solvers. He has previously collaborated with Jonny as co-producer and assistant director on To Meet a Sun Died Amber and Third Quarter

Dan Baboulene - Composer

Dan has had a passion for film music from a young age, scoring his first film at 16 and his second 'Going Under' being nominated in the 'Up and Coming' category of London Film Festival. Since then he has gone on to obtain a music degree from Oxford University as a Leask Scholar, and interned at Hans Zimmer's Studio in Los Angeles with Henry Jackman's company Sacred Tiger. 

Working with Pinewood Studios' 'Enter the Pitch' competition closely over the last five years Dan has scored short films that have played and won at festivals all over the world. This year he scored Jason Wingard's feature film 'In Another Life,' which won 'Best UK Feature' at Raindance film festival, and a BIFA in the 'Discovery' category,' as well as being selected for screening at Dinard Film Festival. Dan’s music has also featured on recent release comedy 'Eaten By Lions' starring Jonny Vegas, Jack Carroll and Asim Chaudhry and has also worked in Joris de Man's music department this year as a copyist on the Horizon Zero Dawn additional levels 'Frozen Wilds,' and as an assistant orchestrator on the soundtrack for 'Chuck Steel, Night of the Trampires.' In 2019 he scored Toby Paton's BBC 2 documentary on Brexit featuring Laura Kuenssberg.

Extra Rewards Information: 

Cornish Holiday - if you choose this reward, we will talk to you separately about sorting a date suitable for you and your guests. The location is in Penryn, Cornwall and the house has two bedrooms and sleeps four people. We will have someone there to meet you and they will be on call if you need anything during your stay. The days the house is available are Friday - Sunday, and you have from January 2020 to December 2020 to find a weekend that works for you and us. We are flexible!

Dinner with the Crew - if you choose this reward, we will sort a time, date and location suitable for all eight reward recipients. We will also make sure we cover any dietary requirements!


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Crowdfunder credit on the big screen...fancy

We can't promise your name will be next to Daniel Day-Lewis's, but it will be on the big screen as a proud Crowdfunder supporter

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2 stickers and a thank you!

We have extracted parts of the official An Tarow teaser poster and turned them into stickers for your car or windows! 2 stickers are included in this price and a thank you in the credits

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Special edition poster download and a thank you!

Designed by artist Dan Jennings, these special edition posters will be sent straight to your inbox suitable for laptop screensavers! Plus a thank you in the credits!

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Digital download of the score

Multiple award winning composer, Dan Baboulene, is creating the score for An Tarow, so pledging this amount lets you in on your own copy of the ENTIRE film's score, delivered straight to your device - lucky you

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One of a kind framed film photograph

We have a limited number of original, one off film photographs that will be taken during the shooting of An Tarow. These images will be printed and framed. The image will be randomly selected for you and signed on the back by the director

£18 or more

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Special edition poster print bundle

Designed by artist Dan Jennings, these special edition A3 posters are on a limited print run. They will be signed by the director and writer, and posted to you. We will throw in a couple of stickers, a digital download of the poster and give you a thank you in the credits!

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"In association with....YOUR NAME HERE"

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Masterclass - Screenwriting

If you want to know what makes a successful script, how to build character profiles and create a story arc, let award nominee scriptwriter, Samuel Jay-Chessell talk you through it! These two online masterclass sessions will cover all this and more. This reward makes great presents for budding writers too!

£29 or more

Masterclass - Directing

Awarding winning director, Jonny Dry, will host these masterclass sessions and share what it takes to get from script to the award trophies at festivals! These two online masterclass sessions will cover all this and more. This reward makes great presents for promising directors too!

£29 or more

Masterclass - Composing

The score is arguably the saving grace of many films. This masterclass has multiple award winning composer, Dan Baboulene, share his secrets. Dan has worked for the BBC and on multiple feature films, and these sessions explore the process he takes to create the music.

£30 or more

Bound copy of the script

We will post you a bound copy of An Tarow, complete with a personalised message inside from the writer and director. A perfect gift for those interested in the workings of a short drama.... Plus a thank you in the credits and some stickers!

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Digi - download bundle

This reward includes all the digital goodness An Tarow has to offer. A download of the script, poster, entire score, a thank you credit and a master class of your choice!

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Attend private screening and dinner with the crew

We love to dress up for an event, and this will be no exception. Hosted in a secret location, An Tarow will be screened for a small private audience, followed by a homemade dinner, cooked by the director himself. Accompanying you will be key crew members (and wine). Plus you'll receive a digital download of the score, a thank you in the credits and a signed photograph. More details on the homepage....

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Original Cornish line illustration

We have commissioned local artist Remy Nurse to create 3 black and white line drawings that we will be using in the film as props. These are original, unique drawings and will be framed and posted to you. As they aren't quite finished yet - take a look at Remy's artwork here to get a taste of the talent! We will also include a digital download of the score, stickers, a digital poster download and a thank you in the credits.

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Cornish Holiday

Who doesn't dream of a Cornish getaway without the hassle of scouring the web for the perfect place? We've done the work for you - this reward gives you and three others 2 nights in a beautiful Cornish cottage in the seaside town of Penryn. Down a quaint lane, this house will feel like a home in no time, plus you have a whole year to choose from for availability to suit you both! More details on the homepage....

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The An Tarow

This is the bundle of all bundles. With this reward, you will receive all of the above, with the addition of a unique, personalised drawing from artist Remy Nurse. What a hamper of delights!

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Original Cornish line drawing print

We have commissioned local artist Remy Nurse to create 3 black and white line drawings that we will be using in the film as props. These are original, unique drawings and we will print, frame and post these to you. As they aren't quite finished yet - take a look at Remy's artwork here to get a taste of the talent! We will add some stickers in with it too..

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