An informed exploration of Covid-19: Shareable doc

by Emily and Lenka in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

An informed exploration of Covid-19: Shareable doc

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Science and research from the global medical, scientific and legal community essential for helping us all make aware, informed choices.

by Emily and Lenka in Worthing, England, United Kingdom

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A stretch target of £300 would be used to cover the costs of formatting extra pages of the document that are likely to be added as the situation around Covid19 is rapidly evolving and constantly changing. It can cover some of our printing costs and rest would come as a donation to our graphic designer for the discount he's given us and for the wonderful work he is doing. 

This document is a gathering together of the intelligent voices speaking out about Covid 19 away from the loud and persuasive mainstream narrative currently directing the global response to, and belief in the pandemic – helping us to explore, in a more balanced and open way, how we are being affected and what we can do to best support ourselves and each other through this remarkable time and into a bright and healthy future for all.

There is so much information flowing about the current situation that it is difficult for some to navigate, especially for those who are just beginning to question what is happening. This document aims to bring some of the most essential and accessible information together under easy to explore headings so that we can begin to form our own questions, find some possible answers and have something based on good science and considered thought that we can share with others.

We believe we must do all we can to weave intelligent information and mutual respect into the divide that is appearing between peoples of differing views and approaches to the Covid landscape. Division and separation are themselves unhealthy states to live in so we hope that the information in this document might help fruitful collective exploration and a loving, connected response. 

We are looking for funding to produce the finished, formatted document, ready for sharing freely with everyone who wishes to explore it.

We have approached a professional website designer who has a great understanding of the content and is happy to make it into an accessible form. He has generously offered to do the work for half price and the cost will be £190.

If you feel you could support the creation of this resource we would be most grateful and hope that you might share it if you feel it is useful to your cause.

Yours in hope and clarity,

Emily and Lenka

Mothers, concerned individuals, committed members of our wonderful human tribe.

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