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to help feed and widows ophans and vulnerable women in Africa the Gambia to have food to breakfast during this Ramadan

We are women empowerment we can see the potential of these women through our vision and mission because of that we want to help them achieve the best future for their families and themself in another word to create the best version of themselves. Together we can help change those people lives to a sustainable lifestyle and to create an eco village for them we want to build school for the children where they can better their education to become somebody they desire as a future generations so i want to be part of that by making it happen. Smile for miles to come is the children.Our inspiring mission to eradicate poverty is what we aim to achieve. The rates of poverty in Africa is rising, many more children are malnourished, they are in need of food clean water clothing and adequate shelter, numbers are rising in diseases and deaths. We aim to assist Widows and Orphans Economically Medically Educationally and Spiritually.  

Our vision and core values are to break through barriers and build bridges throughout Africa to support those who are in need. We have a holistic approach making important steps to rise out of the darkness of poverty, provide families with sustainable income and overcome hardship.

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