Save shops with indoor risk monitoring

by Sahand Malek in London, England, United Kingdom

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Save our shops. The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small, shops and retailers.

by Sahand Malek in London, England, United Kingdom

Alertiee: AI-driven Covid-19 risk monitoring system 

We can bring back the lost confidence in high-street shopping to the UK public whilst keeping them safe. Simultaneously, through this, we are hoping to play a role in revitalising UK’s economy. 

We have created a one-stop solution that uses shops/indoor spaces’ existing surveillance system to monitor and detect mask compliance among employees and customers; optimise the flow of traffic, and maximise the safe capacity of that indoor business.

We employ the National and local R-rates for COVID 19, the latest information about the risk of spread of coronavirus, and data from the latest national and international researches regarding the relative risk of transmission.

We use this information to constantly calculate the risk level in establishments and notify business managers when they need to take action. With the ability to continuously monitor high-risk times and areas, we will enable businesses to adjust and strive to lower the risk and also keep the public safe by outlining the shortcomings.

We are ensuring that Alertiee is doing all it can to contribute to the safety of our community, our economy, and our future.

Alertiee offers: 

Mask detection, occupancy optimisation and controlling customers’ flow in real-time. For businesses looking to protect their customers and employees while maximising foot traffic and observing the constantly evolving legislation around the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Why are we asking for your support? 

Alertiee is well on its way to deliver on its promises and claims. However, with the cold season rapidly approaching, and the worry of the second-wave weighing heavy on the UK’s shoulders, we need to speed up our operation. This is where all your supports can benefit us and motivate us to work longer and harder to make sure that we, as a country are ahead of Coronavirus.

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