Alan Booth, Green for Chesham & Amersham

by South Bucks Green Party in Chartridge, England, United Kingdom

Alan Booth, Green for Chesham & Amersham
We did it
On 8th December 2019 we successfully raised £210 with 9 supporters in 35 days

We're fundraising to support Alan's campaign and to spread the Green message far and wide: YES to Europe, NO to Climate Change!

by South Bucks Green Party in Chartridge, England, United Kingdom

The Green Party believes in genuine democracy. We want to take power back from career politicians who are in the pockets of lobbyists and put it in the hands of ordinary citizens who believe in democracy and sustainability for the common good.

British Politics is unstable and unfit for purpose right now. Help us hold the Government to account and speak to truth to power. We need £1000 for publicity materials to raise awareness of the Green campaign this election. We're saying YES to Europe and NO to climate change. We're fighting for a strong NHS, a better education system and a sustainable economy rooted in a new green deal. Where Greens lead others follow - so many of our other policies have already been adopted by other parties and climate emergencies have been adopted by local councils up and down the country. Help us keep up the pressure by spreading a Green message that calls for real change.

Unlike other mainstream parties, we do not get corporate donations so we rely on you - ordinary people - to help us make a change.

Thank you for giving all that you can and sharing this crowdfunder far and wide.


P.S because we're a political party: 

  • We're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500.
  • If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes.
  • Your details will appear in our election returns if valued over £500, and if you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

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