Against Vaccine Passports

by Against Vaccine in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Against Vaccine Passports
We did it
On 19th July 2021 we successfully raised £14,322 with 639 supporters in 28 days

AVP is growing FAST, we are building a community and improving the website. We need funds urgently in order to grow.

by Against Vaccine in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

June 2021 - Against Vaccine Passports was launched. 

We have already been overwhelmed with businesses registering from all around the UK, and when they join, the public can now easily find them.

Important connections are being made every day.

We were able to pay for this website thanks to a one-off donation, but we need funds to keep it going.   

We have a team of staff checking every single business that registers before we publish. This takes time, and we need money to pay wages.   

We have seen the attacks on the Great Barrington Declaration website, and realised manual checking was the only way forward. This is a huge undertaking.  More here

Over the next month we expect this website to continue to grow very quickly, and we need your help. In terms of website development and security - this project needs investment. 

As soon as a business registers on AVP, customers in the local area will be able to see where they are and more importantly read their public statement. This will help to build community connections for those who have a similar view.

We don't know IF the UK government will introduce vaccine passports, but this information will be so incredibly valuable in case they do. Your donation is an investment, it helps us find a way to form these important connections in case this proposal becomes law. 

  • EVERY DAY this website is up, powerful connections are being made between businesses and communities. 
  • BUT we simply cannot do this without donations.
  • We need your help.  

Our web developers will need to make changes to the website as it grows, there are further legal and security measures we will need to make and then there are staffing costs.

Thank you for anything you can afford to give. This campaign has huge potential and with the right level of investment can really make a difference. 

And many testimonials coming in:

"Vaccine passports are potentially going to be required to watch a cricket match. I have had Covid-19 and 2 Pfizer jabs but do NOT want to see this dreadful vaccination passport get introduced. I am outraged but what can we do?" Ian Tyler 

"This is a great idea and I am happy to support" Simon Dolan, founder of Keep Britain Free

I am happy to put my name to this, I hope you are too. 

Anna Brees

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