AFTERLIFE - The Documentary

by Jayne Harris in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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The ONLY universal guarantee in life is death. But have you ever wondered what happens next...If anything? KEEP READING...

by Jayne Harris in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The extra funding will cover the cost of setting up unique experiments, which will include visiting hospices and speaking to patients with terminal illnesses about their experiences and views.

With the additional support we can also pay members of the public for their time taking part in our trials, and hire space for the experiment. 

Finally our stretch target will help us make a donation to each hospice that assists with our production. 

This is an independent, factual and investigative documentary, being made on a non-profit basis. 

The Producer and crew are not making any money from this production; this is about getting this project made and getting it seen by the backers and public. Your donations will pay for the time of our contributors and will ensure we can travel to them for their interviews, plus donations to hospitals, research centres and other venues as a thank you for the hospitality and assistance.

 We would also like to be able to provide people with tea, coffee and biscuits...even the crew if they're lucky!

UPDATE: Watch our sneak peaks here:


My name is Jayne Harris and I am an independent filmmaker based in the Midlands. 

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for all things unexplained and have spent the last 20 years of my life working as a Paranormal Researcher in search of answers to those ultimate questions like "what happens when we die?".  In that time I've came to understand that deep within most of us there is a desire to believe that physical death is not the end. 

Does Religious faith hold the answers we need? Maybe we should be looking to Science to offer proof of life after death? Or could the true evidence lies in the  inexplicable experiences countless people have every day? 

Our aim is to get people talking about this taboo subject - to remove fear and raise awareness.


AFTERLIFE: The Documentary

Will I feel pain?

Will loved ones meet me? 

Is there a heaven? 

Will everything go blank?

These are some of the most universally significant questions mankind can ask and has been asking since the dawn of humanity...and science is now beginning to pay attention. 

This unique documentary will be an exploration of the latest scientific findings, ancient religious faith and contributors personal experiences.

From Religion and Reincarnation to Consciousness and Cryonic preservation we will leave no stone unturned in our quest for deeper understanding... 

How the funds will be used


Here's what your money will help us achieve:

  • Pay the contributors (we're not paying ourselves, but believe that knowledgable contributors should be paid for their time).
  • Locations (it can be expensive to film in some places...even public places!)
  • Travel & Accomodation (we have over 20 interviews planned across the UK, as well as several universities and hospitals to visit)
  • Catering (contributors expect refreshments during filming and we'd like to be able to provide that consistently).
  • Additional equipment (we have most of what we need, but there are a few pieces of kit which would really help to make this film stand out)
  • Budget to submit the film to festivals.
  • Marketing (you'll help us spread the word)
  • Screenings (we can't wait to share the film with you all!)

We are funding much of this ourselves, however we really to need some extra help to get this off the ground. 

We all thank you so much for your support.

Funds raised will enable us to bring our vision to life for everyone ensuring a topic that is relevant to ALL of us is bought under the spotlight. 

Who is involved?

As well as some amazing individual contributors, we are also privileged to have consulted with several academic organisations including the University of Birmingham, UCL Medical School, Swansea University, the Alistar Hardy Trust, The Royal Free Hospital, London and representatives from the worlds major religions.

We have set ourselves an ambitious bring to viewers a thorough and thought provoking piece of film on the subject of the Afterlife, designed to challenge beliefs and expand minds. 

Viewers will learn about the "Near Death Experience archives" at the University of Wales and why some of their reports, collated over the past 45 years, are offering some of the strongest evidence yet that the human soul continues to exist post-death.

Learn about "the journey" most people describe experiencing, from an academic point of view.

Just some of our experts:

Biologist and Parapsychological Researcher Dr Rupert Sheldrake
British Philosopher Professor Yujin Nagasawa

Medical Researcher & Former ICU Nurse Dr Penny Sartori
Expert on Near Death & Spiritual Experiences Marianne Rankin

Head of Cryonics UK Tim Gibson

Expert on Surgical Sciences Professor Barry Fuller

We are also speaking to people who will relive unexplainable experiences including singer and actress Toyah Willcox who not only has a deep interest in the subject, but lives in what could be one of the most haunted homes in the UK which she describes as a "house of shadows". 

As a balanced production of course, we're keen to hear all sides of the debate and will be speaking with John Edwards, Secretary of the Birmingham Humanist Society who will explain why followers of Humanism are convinced that this life is the ONLY life we have, and once our physical body dies, we cease to function. 

The Experiments

As part of the production we decided viewers deserve more than your average documentary,  and so I will personally immerse myself in the exploration journey by way of several experiments.  

Not only will I experience Past Life Regression on camera, but will also visit Psychometrist Jenny Cross who will attempt to teach me to read the infinite energy stored in objects, and Psychic Medium David Maddock for a reading with surprising results! 

 As part of the documentary we will also be organising a series of 'Death cafes' to reach out to people in various communities who wish to speak openly about death in a safe and non judgemental environment. These sessions will give us a fascinating insight into human nature and aim to break down barriers and the taboo nature of discussing death. This will be particularly important to isolated and elderly individuals who are facing the prospect of end of life without feeling they fully understand what is to come.

Why we need YOU!

We are excited and passionate about this project and have spent several months so far in production, but we cannot create this incredible piece of film without your support. As an independent production we receive no funding and so are relying on the depth of our own personal pockets and the generosity of the people who would love to see this documentary on their TV screens.


This is a subject that is relevant to US ALL.
We will all die.

But is that the end?


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£40 or more

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