After Shakespeare - Richard III

by Slade Wolfe Enterprises in Dover, Kent, United Kingdom

After Shakespeare - Richard III

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Help 2 disabled creators bring the true story of the much-maligned King Richard III to Edinburgh in the world premiere of this show

by Slade Wolfe Enterprises in Dover, Kent, United Kingdom

Who Are We - and What Do We Want?1714740347_andrew_&_lexi_edit.jpg

Hi, we are Lexi and Andrew, we are both disabled, neurodiverse creatives, and we're fundraising to pursue a dream to perform at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. Lexi is a multi-award-winning actress and writer, and Andrew will be handling the producing and technical aspects of the show. The show, called After Shakespeare - Richard III is the follow-up to last year's After Shakespeare which won Lexi the Best Actress award at the 2021 Buxton Fringe Festival, where it was also nominated for Best New Writing and Best Production. At last year's Fringe, After Shakespeare garnered a slew of amazing reviews, and was talked about as one of the stand-out shows of the Fringe

We have already been offered a return spot with the prestigious theSpace Venues; one of the premier venue organisers at the Fringe; and we've sourced some accommodation. Now we're asking you to help us get there.


The Show

Last year's runaway success that was After Shakespeare showed us that there is a real interest in alternative Shakespeare out there - something that takes those characters that we know and love and "flesh out the bones".  We garnered a Mervin Stutter's Pick of the Fringe as well as SIX 5* and 4* reviews, and an Offies nomination.

This year we're focussing solely on Richard III.  For one hour we're going to ask you to join us as we re-examine the years before Richard's kingship: from son of a traitor to the king's trusted brother; into his short reign.

Trace with us the forming of an unlikely king, his deeds and the morals that dictated them. Richard navigates the Wars of the Roses through betrayal and intrigue with an unwavering sense of duty. After Shakespeare – Richard III invites audiences to watch real events through a different lens, and reconsider a man maligned by centuries-old propaganda and out-of-context confusion, and ask themselves the question:

In Richard’s place, what would you have done?

Why Do We Need Your Help?

When the world shut down for Covid, and the world became a harder place for many of us, particularly those in the arts, and especially those with disabilities. Between the 2 of us we both have Autism and ADHD, which can have dramatic effects on our confidence and our abilities to adapt, but on top of that we both also have Fibromyalgia.  Lexi also has BPD, C-PTSD and OCD - practically an alphabet of conditions! The fibro is a particular issue when it comes to getting additional work to support our acting and writing, as we are been unable to commit to work that requires hours of effort a day. Andrew has gone through surgery on his back and knees, which has limited his mobility, and during lockdown he managed to successfully catch Covid twice, resulting in him getting Long Covid, a condition which has left him devoid of energy and with continual brain fog, and also unable to work.

Through careful planning, tracking patterns in their behaviours, moods and energy levels (an advantage of Andrew's functional Autism!) we have been able to plan a system that will enable the month at Edinburgh to work (as we did last year), but it will require a strict plan and regime; which includes a requirement for us to be somewhere quiet, where we have our own space to relax in, and also not be on top of each other, where we can also balance our medical requirements. This is why we have needed to organise accommodation in an apartment rather than the usual tents or shared lodgings that most performers at the Fringe will opt for, and why we are grateful that we have been offered an early-evening  performance slot.

We strongly believe that it is important to show people that just because you have conditions and disabilities, it doesn't mean you're not able to achieve and be successful - as Lexi has already shown with her awards.

If You Have These Conditions, How Can You Do The Fringe?

1714740457_623_8869_edited.jpgA very valid question. As stated above, we have looked carefully at our medical needs, and over several years we have tracked and monitored how we perform and react under performance situations. As part of this, Lexi took part in a week-long run of a full-length show in London last year, and we have also performed at venues up and down the country (when lockdown restrictions have allowed it). We have been touring our shows together since 2017, and have learned what our limits are. Also, very importantly, Fringe shows are only an hour, and our 6pm performance time means we can have early nights and late get-ups in the morning! We have also booked parking close to the venue for the duration, so that we don't have to walk much for the duration of our run, to help save energy. Unfortunately all these precautions cost more. Needing our own space to stay in (for a month), needing parking in the centre of Edinburgh, and the cost of a prime-time slot at a premium venue.

OK, So How Much Do You Need?

We want to be transparent with everyone - we could easily just give a target total, but by breaking it down it gives us mini milestones to aim for as well! So here it goes:

  • Fringe Registration - £295
  • Accommodation - £2,971.20
  • Venue hire - £4,620
  • Parking - £160
  • Total Location Overheads - £8,046.20

On top of this, of course, we have travel costs, insurance, marketing (posters, flyers, advertising, etc) sustenance, and props, costume and make-up for the show among other ancillary charges (well over another £1,000.00!).

We have already received some private donations which have enabled us to cover deposit on our accommodation, Fringe Registration and over half of the venue hire, but we still need about £4,500 to cover overheads.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for donating and making dreams come true.

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