Africa is facing a silent killer, let's fight back

by Talent Hwandih in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

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Fighting silent killers in Africa! Free health screenings for 3000 elderly battling both hypertension and diabetes. Donate to save lives!

by Talent Hwandih in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

I'm a Doctor Fighting a Silent Killer in Africa: Help Us Screen 3,000 Elders!

Consider this: hypertension and diabetes are already formidable adversaries on their own, capable of wreaking havoc on the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and eyes. Now, picture a 65-year-old individual grappling with both conditions simultaneously. This scenario is all too real for many elderly Africans, which is why our mission is laser-focused on providing support to those facing this dual health challenge.

Here's the Problem:

  • Limited access to healthcare: Many live far from clinics, struggling to afford even basic screenings.
  • Silent Killers: These diseases often go undetected until complications arise, leading to heart attacks, strokes, and blindness.
  • Double Trouble: Having both diabetes and hypertension significantly increases health risks.

Our Vision: Early detection saves lives! We're on a mission to bring free health screenings to 3,000 at-risk elders in Zimbabwe's poorest villages.

What We Offer During Screenings:

  • Comprehensive Health Checks: 
    • Rapid diagnostic tests using: 
      • BP machine (blood pressure)
      • Glucometer (blood sugar)
      • Smart scale (body fat%, body water, BMI, metabolic age)
      • Tape measure (waist circumference)
      • Rapid lipid profile (measures cholesterol, HDL, LDL)
      • Rapid kidney function tests (creatinine, urea)
      • Urine dipstick (detects protein and glucose in urine)
    • Free physical examinations and mental health assessments by volunteer doctors.
    • Free eye examinations by a volunteer ophthalmologist.
  • Standardized Risk Scores: We'll use this data to calculate standardized risk scores, predicting the likelihood of developing cardiovascular or diabetes complications within 10 years. This allows for targeted interventions and preventative measures.

How We'll Use Your Donation:

  • £11,000: Covers rapid diagnostic tests to screen for diabetes, hypertension, and risk factors like cholesterol and kidney function.
  • £4,000: Funds operational costs – travel, equipment, collaborating doctors, and outreach materials.

The Impact:

Early detection allows for timely treatment, preventing complications. We'll empower communities through education on healthy living habits. 

This isn't just about treatment – it's about prevention and building a healthier future for Africa's elders. Donate today and join the fight!

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