Afri-Grub is a comprehensive online food delivery

by tunde olutunde in Upminster, Greater London, United Kingdom

Afri-Grub is a comprehensive online food delivery

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A platform connecting African food sellers, buyers, and delivery drivers through two dedicated applications available on app stores

by tunde olutunde in Upminster, Greater London, United Kingdom

Visioner / Founder: Tunde Olutunde is a Senior Agile Coach with a robust background in Systems Engineering and Oracle Development. He has accumulated years of experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry, having served as a Transport Manager for multinational companies such as DHL, Poundland, e.t.c. Tunde holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology, a Higher National Certificate in Software Engineering, a qualification in Transport Management from Oxford Business School, and a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Manager) in Haulage. His diverse expertise makes him exceptionally well-equipped for IT and Logistics projects.

Our Team: Great Foresight | Knack For Problem Solving | Championing Change/Disruptor | Target Driven | Influencer | People Manager | Logistics Experts 

Afri-Grub: Bridging the Gap

The demand for authentic African food is evident. As life in the UK becomes more fast-paced, the desire among Africans to enjoy their traditional meals grows stronger. Many Africans have shared stories of going to great lengths to find familiar, spicy dishes in London and UK as a whole. These anecdotes highlight three key facts:

  • The craving for African food is genuine.
  • The demand for African cuisine is significant.
  • African food sellers are not easily accessible.

 Market Demand and Accessibility

Indeed, the demand for African cuisine is thriving. With 13% of Londoners being Black Britons, many rely on food delivery services to meet their daily nutritional needs. The fast pace of life and late working hours often make it impractical to prepare home-cooked meals, driving the need for convenient access to quality African food.

Market Facts

The 2011 census showed that out of 1.9 million Black people in the UK, 1.85 million lived in England, with 1.09 million in London, making up 13.3% of the city's population. The UK has a larger takeaway industry compared to France, Italy, and Spain, accounting for about 40% of all European takeaway revenue. Major food delivery services like Just Eat and Deliveroo are based in the UK.

 Vendor Categories:

There are numerous African food vendors in the UK:

  • Popular Vendors: Well-known among the African community in the UK.
  • Relatively Unknown Vendors: Less familiar, especially to visitors.
  • Homemade Cooks: Aspiring to reach a broader audience.

 Afri-Grub offers a platform for these vendors to connect with potential buyers, providing visibility and accessibility.

Investment Rationale: Why Invest in Afri-Grub Limited?

Market Opportunity: Afri-Grub operates in the African food delivery market, which is rapidly expanding due to increasing urbanization and evolving consumer preferences.

Unique Offering: Afri-Grub specializes in African cuisine, catering to a niche market segment with a strong demand for authentic and diverse food options.

Differentiation: By focusing exclusively on African food, Afri-Grub stands out in the crowded food delivery industry, potentially leading to higher customer loyalty and retention.

Scalability: With adequate investment, Afri-Grub has the potential to scale its operations both regionally and internationally, reaching broader markets and expanding its customer base.

Diverse Revenue Streams: Afri-Grub can generate revenue from multiple sources, including delivery fees, commissions from food vendors, and potentially through advertising or partnership opportunities.


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