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by ricky bolden in Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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Hope House offer accommodation to men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness aged 25- 65. We support the most vulnerable sector.

by ricky bolden in Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected hundreds of thousands of men and woman, addiction and alcoholism has escalated at an alarming rate along with homelessness and mental health which sadly has also spiralled out of control.  

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger, and the response is coming from communities across the country that we can all play an active role in supporting this vulnerable bracket of people. 

Homeless and supportive living accommodation Projects such as ours are operating and functioning to tackle the root causes faced in our communities – and wider communities - That's where we come in. 

Adam Outreach Project was established in 2006 providing accommodation for the homeless or at risk of homelessness.

  Hope House which is in correlation to our registered charity name was designed to support and accommodate the homeless or at risk of homelessness providing a safe environment for men who are deemed at risk.

 Our premises are Drug and Alcohol free. We offer interventions for those who may still need support and who may still be struggling with substance abuse. 

The manager and the highly effective team offer their own wisdom and support through their own experiences. 

Our team have personally overcome their own trials and tribulations regarding Homelessness and past Addiction issues which in turn is ground breaking, this approach coupled with our holistic approach has proven to get better results than to say staff who have not walked the walk of addiction or experienced homelessness. 

 Over the years Adam Outreach Project have undergone various changes, developing strategies to best tailor the ideal care for the residents. 

We provide 15 bedrooms, two sitting rooms, a computer room, a spacious dining room, a quiet room which is used for a daily devotion room where the men are encouraged to open up and begin a step into faith in prayer, also receiving a one-to-one key-working session. We have 2 kitchens, 4 baths/shower rooms (6 toilets). We also have a smoking shelter and a garden which is maintained by the residents who share various cleaning duties around the 2 houses.

 Our aim is to supply a wide range of care, ranging from accompanying residents to probation-appointments, doctors and hospital appointments, also the residents may have outstanding court cases or debt or may need extra support setting up bank accounts or in need of I.D.

 We empower our residents to make healthy decisions, so in time the residents will feel encouraged to stand on their own two feet, slowly taking responsibility for their own lives being ready for independent living.

 Also supporting the residents in gaining well needed life skills they can then sustain a healthy productive life and integrate back into society. 

We work closely with the men through one-to-one key works, setting achievable goals and establishing current issues that the residents are encouraged to work through.

 We are about empowering the residents, helping them to become a productive member of society.

 Hope House has had over 360 men pass through our doors and we will continue to provide the amazing support for those who are socially excluded in or outside of our community.

 As a charity we liaise with the local Council for referrals, prisons and other agencies. We also have self-referrals. We offer resettlement for ex-prisoners too when appropriate and supported by a successful risk assessment, we also act as a   move on house for rehabilitation centres. 

Our vision is to create a newly innovative project by completing our list of refurbishments. 

Sadly, when the pandemic hit, we only had 6 residents out of a possible 15 which is the full capacity we hold, this has caused financial issues to say the list which means the pot money we had has been well and truly spent which has left us vulnerable. Sadly, last year one of our in-house boilers on one side of our adjoined houses lost its efficiency, although we managed to get heaters for all the rooms the winter is now fast approaching and we could not afford to heat the rooms once again with electric heaters.

We are proposing to have a new boiler and pipe work fitted to replace the old one, this however will cost us in the access of £8000 and we just do not have those reserves. 

The ripple effect of Covid- 19 has now positively impacted our project meaning that we are now again full in our capacity, but this also means more expenses and outgoings., staff wages and bills, the list goes on. 

Along with further refurbishments to consider and additional staff needed due to the work load, we are asking for extra funding to continue supplying the vital care and service we provide here at Adam Outreach Project. 

We create a safe pathway to recovery which means, by the service we provide, the safe drug and alcohol-free environment we offer, along with our person centred, holistic approach, has proven that our residents begin to recover what they lost and begin a new chapter in their lives.  

Please see below a short video of two testimonies of two residents who have progressed in different ways by our project and support we offer here at Adam Outreach Project. 



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