Aberfeldy Community Cycle Workshop

by Brett De Woody in Aberfeldy, Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

Aberfeldy Community Cycle Workshop

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Become a member of the Aberfeldy Community Cycle Workshop and get access to tools, educational courses, discounts on purchases, and more.

by Brett De Woody in Aberfeldy, Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

Cycling is on the rise in Aberfeldy for both residents and visitors. From scenic road rides, to challenging gravel routes, and flowing downhill runs, there's something for every age and type of rider. But if your bike breaks in Aberfeldy, you're likely out of action for several days. 

The Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop aims to fix that - with a dedicated, safe, secure cycle workshop with access to tools, supplies, expert assistance, info on where to ride, and a place to socialise around bikes.


The Community Cycle Workshop is a dedicated space on Aberfeldy's town square. Our aim is to get more people riding, and keep them riding, by providing:

  • Accessible cycle servicing
  • Cycle maintenance education
  • Local riding info
  • An inclusive, social space for connecting around cycles


The health, wellbeing and social benefits of cycling are clear. And the benefits of cycle tourism are also well documented. Yet, despite Aberfeldy being a top riding location, and located on/near many long distance cycle routes, the town lacks any cycle services. This means the best-laid plans can be quickly wrecked by a minor mechanical issue.  

The Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop aims to get more people riding, and keep them riding, by providing a range of cycle services for all budgets. Our aim is to amplify Aberfeldy's burgeoning cycling community, and the businesses that cater to cyclists, by providing a dedicated space for cycle servicing and education.


The Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop is organized by Aberfeldy residents Brett DeWoody, Nick Kelly, and Jerome Mayaud, with input from the community.


The business is set up as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) - a special type of company which exists to benefit the community rather than owners. This structure offers the flexibility and status of a limited company, while ensuring we operate primarily for the public good. As directors we will only be paid for revenue-generating activities (ex. bike servicing). And all financial surpluses will be reinvested back into the business or like-minded local initiatives, for the benefit of the community. In short, Draft & Flow operates as a non-profit, with all profits being reinvested into improving our services and local cycling initiatives.


The community cycle workshop is located on Aberfeldy's town square, in the former Square Feet shop. A centrally located, highly-visible storefront, located on a popular cycle thoroughfare.


The cycle workshop will be open to the public in early July 2024. We're aiming to be open several days a week to start. 

If you need your bike serviced in the meantime we're already offering servicing. Get in touch!

What's In It For You?

First, your support at this stage will help us put the finishing touches on the workshop and enable us to open in July. Pledging to become a member also enables us to provide accessible cycle servicing and courses for all budgets going forward.

Your early support also comes with benefits! Members of the Community Cycle Workshop will receive:

  • 10% Discount on Servicing, Parts & Accessories
    Save 10% on purchases at the workshop - tubes, tyres, upgrades, even bikes
  • 50% Discount on Educational Courses*
    Learn to service your bike
  • Use of the Community Tools for DIY Fixes**
    Like having your own bike garage - a full set of tools and equipment to service your bikes
  • Access to the Spare Parts Bin
    Use our spare parts to build a bike, perfect for getting around town

* discount applied to course admission
** non-members will require a day-pass to use the community tools


Become a Member

Memberships to the Community Cycle Workshop are available on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a suggested pledge of £39 (per year).

Regardless of what you pay, if you pledge any amount to become a member you will receive the benefits listed above.

As a special Thank You, pledge £39 or more and get a Community Cycle Workshop t-shirt!

Under 18? As a discount for young folks we're lowering the suggested membership rate to £29 (to receive the t-shirt). So pay-what-you-can for a membership, or £29+ for a t-shirt.

Why Pledge Now?

Your support at this early stage is super helpful, so a big THANK YOU!

Educational Courses

A few examples of courses we'll hold throughout the year:

  • Fix-a-Flat (every month) - the most common issue for most bikes
  • On-a-Ride Maintenance (every other month) - learn how to ensure your bike is ready to ride, how to fix common problems you'll encounter during a ride, and what to do after a ride to ensure your bike stays in great condition.
  • Brake Servicing (every 6 months) - Learn to diagnose common problems and maintain your bike's brakes. This course is a hands-on course so bring your bike if desired.
  • Drivetrain Servicing (every 6 months) - The ins-and-outs of keeping the drivetrain (gears, chains, cranks) of your bike working smoothly.
  • Wheel Workshop (every 6 months) - Ensuring your wheels are working well can dramatically improve the ride of your bike. 
  • Wheel Building (every 12 months) - Build a wheel from the hub up.
  • And more...

How Will We Use the Funds?

The primary use of the funds raised from this campaign will be for:

  • A portion of the funds will be used to purchase bike tools for use in the shop, enabling us to service an even wider range of bikes (we're using our personal tools now, so these funds will allow us to purchase designated tools for the workshop)
  • Start-up costs like rent, utilities, insurance, safety equipment and similar expenses
  • Purchasing stock of common bike parts so we can quickly service bikes and keep people riding with minimal delay

Additional Funds

Additional funds will be set aside into our "rainy day" account so we can continue to offer services during the slow seasons.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£39 or more

Community Cycle Workshop Membership

Become a member of the Community Cycle Workshop - get a 10% discount on servicing/part/accessories, access to the community tools, 50% off courses, and access to our spare parts bins (perfect for building a commuter bike). And a Draft & Flow Community Cycle Workshop t-shirt! Memberships valid for 12 months

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