AAA Prescription delivery for vulnerable people

by Manda Hymus in Stuntney, England, United Kingdom

AAA Prescription delivery for vulnerable people

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We have been running this Prescription delivery service for vulnerable people. Due to high demand we now need to fundraise for fuel costs

by Manda Hymus in Stuntney, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st May 2020 we'd raised £1,335 with 70 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Today has been another eventful day for us!

A certain rider dropped their bike keys in the river first thing, ooops! That was retrieved with some magnet fishing.  An elderly disabled gentleman with a broken arm in a sling was identified as needing support and put in touch with the correct people to ensure he gets help with his shopping. The three bikes have all been out delivering prescriptions to ensure people get their meds on time.

A fair few miles have been covered this week, we have covered Downham Market, Duxford, Foxton, Royston, March, Chatteris, Isleham, Southery, Newmarket, Littleport, Ely, Soham, Wentworth, Little Thetford and Little Downham a couple of narrow boats and a fair few isolated areas. 

An elderly gentleman was helped when discovered in a poorly condition. Another was put into touch with people who can help with his shopping. Our riders are checking on everyone they deliver to. No prescription is left until we have made contact with the recipient.

We got mentioned on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC online and Itv, all unexpected and we are still reeling with some of it. As far as we are concerned, we  are simply doing the right thing.

From the onset AAA believed that as a business within a community it was our duty to help and support that community when we could. We have always tried to do that. Never in a million years did we think that support would metamorphos into what it has now become.  

 Whilst we are still training the odd clients they are only essential workers who need their bikes to get to work and only one to one.

The bikes get checked daily and once a week, on our rest day we do any maintenance needed. So far Ermintrude needed her front forks sorted, those that don't know bikes, think of your hips going rather cranky and needing an urgent replacement. She's sorted and happy now. Optimus needed a new tyre after deciding to spring a couple of leaks. All alongside other things like oil changes and of course regular tanks of fuel. On some days one bike is covering 150+ miles, in a single day.. 

The support of the community has become our priority. We began delivering prescriptions before the lock down. To those that were already isolating.  That service is now extended to everyone and has been since the lockdown began.

But, we aren't just delivering prescriptions, we are talking with people and ensuring they are safe and have the food and support that they need.   Already this week, we have met people who were unconnected from help, we only envisage that happening more often as we go further into this but, one thing we do know is that we are here for the duration.

For as long as we can, for as long as finances permit, for as long as our health holds steady and the bikes keep going we fully intend on being here, supporting you the entire time.

For every single one of you that has donated towards the fuel, you have helped us to keep the wheels rolling and for that you have our eternal thanks and I guarantee you that you have the thanks of all those people you have enabled us to help.

Together we are stronger. Let's beat this. 

#covid19 #strongertogether #wegotthis

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