A Taste of Britain: A TEFL Coursebook

by Graham Senior in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

A Taste of Britain: A TEFL Coursebook

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To raise the money to complete and publish a TEFL textbook for use on summer courses in the South West of England.

by Graham Senior in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

"Really recommend this interesting and thought provoking read. [It is]
...easy to access.Would recommend to anyone who works in education, health and welfare and parents too." Review of
The Classroom After the Storm (2020)

Back in 2020, I spent a few hours writing a little book about what schools might look like post-COVID. Then, in 2022, I devoted my summer holiday to writing a Geography textbook. I managed to raise over £500 on this platform and it went on sale on Amazon due to the generosity of several friends and many Geography teachers who chipped in £10 or £20 to have their name appear in the credits, or £50 to decide what one of the chapters should be about. 

So, two years on, I am back again with a similar aim. This time I am writing a TEFL textbook with a difference. Rather than pages and pages of grammar and vocabulary, the chapters focus on one of the many visitor attractions that students will visit during their time in the UK, mainly in London and the South of England and use these as a starting point for vocabulary building, conversation practice and debate. There will be fifty chapters altogether, 25 of which are about specific places, and the other 25 are topic-based.

If I can raise £500, I will be able to compensate some of my friends who have agreed to work on the project for their time and get a few class sets of the first edition into circulation this summer. If I should raise more than £500, I would use the money to develop the book further and take time to write supporting materials.


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