A press up for everyday of my life. 8615 of them!


£2,000 target

Started on 4th May 2020 Bideford, England, United Kingdom
  • I am raising money for the NHS upon which we all rely. Their perseverance under pressure and in such a difficult time is very important to all of us.

I cannot affotd to donate to them and feel despire at their dire need for support. I believe that the government should be increasing funds set aside for NHS and key workers and not investing millions into industries such as fishing. We do not need fish to survive this, the NHS save lives. 

However, I am hoping that there are some who are able to help the NHS with just a little. So I am willing to do a lot to try and reach those in a situation where they can donate. 

I have been struggling to sit back and watch our NHS workers, struggling on in such a time where their lives are risked every day and doing it all with an abundance of positivity. We all need to try and stay positive and support each other, even if just with the littlest of gestures.


I am 23 years old born on the 2nd of October 1996. I have decided to undertake an extreme effort, the likes of which i initially deemed impossoble, at least improbable. A Press up for each day I have lived. Not only is the 8615 (correct as of today 4th may 2020) press ups a huge challenge for me, but the number reflecting my life, i feel will help me appreciate the life i have lived and am lucky enough to be living. 

My partner and his friend have added to my tenacity and inspiration by deciding to race me to the end point. Three days ago we began to log our press ups. Pull ups are not technically in the challenge, however, to counter the pressing we feel some pulling is in order. I have set the bar rolling with three pull ups a day to be increased as the press ups increase. 


We would like to keep you informed and updated with photos and videos on our youtube channel. 

I set up this fundraiser as I had decided to do this anyway and although I felt it was hard to ask people to spare money in this time, i thought we may as well document our challenge in the hopes we reach those who can afford to give. 

So, if that is you, please donate and help me reach my target in aid of NHS Charities Together. Anything you can contribute towards helping me achieve my target will be massively appreciated. 

Thank you.


Marie Young
4th May 2020 at 12:02pm

pledged £10