A New Tractor For FARS

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Wolverton, England, United Kingdom

A New Tractor For FARS
We did it
On 13th December 2020 we successfully raised £2,120 with 35 supporters in 56 days

A sanctuary without a tractor is like a body without a soul. Our current tractor is on its last legs and we desperately need a new one!

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Wolverton, England, United Kingdom

          OUR STORY:

Who Are We? 

We are: Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, aka FARS! We are based in Warwickshire, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, just a few miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon. Our wonderful animal sanctuary was established single-handedly by Carole Webb back in 1988. Woolly Park gives a permanent home to more than 450 animals. Before the doors of FARS was opened, every single one of these animals knew nothing but neglect, loneliness, cruelty, starvation, abuse and abandonment. There was something missing in their lives - Love & Care! 


Carole and her dedicated team of volunteers make sure every animal is loved and treated with kindness and respect every single day. 

"There is nothing more rewarding than watching sad and broken souls turning into confident, trusting and happy individuals. We watch them blossom day by day and feel very privileged to be part of their every day lives." 


Unlike larger charities we have no reserves of money and are always desperately short of funds. We are solely dependant on the support and generosity of a sympathetic public to help us run the sanctuary.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe and peaceful environment where rescued animals can remain for the rest of their lives. Veterinary care and medication is provided as and when required and all the animals in our care are constantly monitored to ensure they are in good health and well-being. We never implement euthanasia unless advised by our vet and only where absolutely necessary. 

Over the coming months and years our aim is to raise awareness diplomatically about the endless issues linked with the present welfare of farm animals. Through our own campaigns, site visits, events and educational talks we hope to make a difference, being a voice for these sentient beings, who have been deemed worthless for far too long.

What Are We Raising Money For? 

For many years now we've been having technical issues with our one and only tractor and it has become a bit of a never ending story...

Earlier on this year one of our lovely volunteers put out an appeal to raise funds for new parts and repairs. Thanks to your kind donations we were able to raise £524. That helped us pay for repairs of the tractor, which then kept us going through spring and summer, right up till now. We can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are, as without your help, our daily jobs would have been impossible to do otherwise. However, we are sad to say that the tractor has broken again and this time we think it might be the end of its life. And this is the reason why we are reaching to you again! 

We always try to save on costs and carry out basic maintenance of the machinery ourselves, however this time the damage seems to be past our skills. The tractor has its bad days, sometimes better days, but we can definitely tell that we won't be able to rely on it for very much longer. 


A tractor is a necessity here at Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. There are numbers of jobs that cannot be done by hand, such as re-filling hay feeders and re-stocking straw for bedding, which are the two most important ones. On average we go through 18 large round bales every week. This will increase as the winter months approach and so, the tractor breaking down could not have come at a worse time! 

Many of our animals are old and disabled and therefore extremely vulnerable, needing additional care and support. With winter around the corner, these animals especially, will need extra bedding to keep them warm. 

Depending on the amount we reach we will have two options:

1) We will either have to get in touch with a specialist to try and repair all the broken parts to get our old tractor at least temporarily fixed again. 

2) If we are lucky enough to reach one of our targets, we could finally look for a new, second hand tractor. 


How Can You Help? 

We know and realise 2020 has been a chaotic, difficult, strange and challenging year for everyone. To ask for finances isn't therefore easy for us but, unfortunately we cannot do this without you! 

We are going to be grateful for any amount you can spare. And if you can't give financially then please spread the word about our appeal and help us reach as many people as possible by sharing our link! You've done it before and you did a cracking job!! 

Equally, if you know of any businesses or supporters who might be able to either donate a tractor, give us a discount or help in anyway, please do put us in touch, as we would, of course, love to talk to them! 


Merry Christmas! 

Winter is slowly but surely on its way and with cold weather, rain, mud and many precious lives to look after and feed, we are asking Santa and his little helpers (you guys) to help us reach our goal. Help us make our only wish come true by donating and sharing our campaign so that we can get a better tractor to be able to care for our wonderful animals! ❤️





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