A little help to keep to support my cat

by Selene Trenti in London, England, Regno Unito

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I Lost my job and I didn't ffind any of it until now. I need some help to keep support my cat. Thank you.

by Selene Trenti in London, England, Regno Unito

Hello everyone!
I live in England, but I am a 28 year old Italian girl. I moved to London in August 2019, with the hope of being able to live a normal life, to have awork, which is impossible in Italy.

In November 2022 I must have turned the life of this black cat upside down: it was November 10th, the day before my birthday and while I was returning home from the supermarket, I saw this black cat walking in the neighborhood where I live; I called her, I sat on a bench and spent a few minutes with her: at that moment I didn't know she had been abandoned, since she had the necklace around her neck I thought it belonged to someone.
One December evening I headed into the garden to bring some food scraps to the foxes and as soon as I opened the door this black cat came into my house, which I later learned was called Fluffy. My ex smoking roommate told me that Fluffly came to my garden every evening and wanted to come into the house, she was looking for me! All I could do was help her and adopt her and in fact she has been with me since December 2022.
Everything was going well until April, when I was fired from the job I had been working in for more than a year. From that moment my new Hell began!
I have currently been looking for work since April 9th, without success and soon I will run out of money (life in London is high, but as long as I worked I was able to make ends meet) and I am afraid of no longer being able to support my cat and I absolutely don't want give up on her, because she fought to be adopted and deserves serenity!
In Italy I have nothing, except a poor mother who is undergoing treatment after having undergone breast cancer surgery in 2021. My father abandoned me when I was little. I have no contact with close relatives. I'm alone and I found myself in a bad situation. If you could donate even just 1 Pound I would be grateful, I'm really desperate! I thank in advance everyone who will give me a hand!

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