A Borehole for A Ugandan Village.

by A Borehole For Ugandan Village in Oldbury, West Midlands, United Kingdom

A Borehole for A Ugandan Village.

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I want to raise funds for a community in Uganda, in which all of their water comes from the muddy puddle which you can see in the picture.

by A Borehole For Ugandan Village in Oldbury, West Midlands, United Kingdom

1710330191_sign_close-up.png1710255707_lads_in_the_village_holding_a_sign.png1710848682_muddy_water_hole.jpg1710848714_collecting_muddy_water2.jpgHello, I am the Project Director. Thank you for taking an interest in my crowdfunding project, and for reading this far. When you click a link, like the map or the video, please remember to close the page when you've finished to come back here.

I recently received an Instagram message from a man called Riyan Perseus who lives in his community, the Busimbi Kasimbi Village in the Mityana District of Uganda. There, they do not even have the basics to properly sustain human life, namely, access to Fresh Running Water! Riyan has his full cultural name which is: BBOSA RIYAN PERSEUS a very proud name!

I am shocked, and I hope that you are shocked too; that, in 2024 there are still communities in the world living in conditions of absolute poverty and squalor like this. We cannot rely on governments to provide the help and funding for desperate communities like this one, clearly governments have already failed miserably. I use that word intentionally, because Misery is what ensues from their inaction! So it is up to us, concerned people like you and me, to 'short circuit' the Bureaucracy and Failed Politics which is forcing this community of families, of ordinary people, just like you and me, to exist in this way!

It's a Scandal! But you and I, we, can do something about it. 

The cost of installing a borehole for a community in Uganda can vary depending on several factors, including the location, depth of the borehole, geological conditions, and additional infrastructure required. But my initial estimate, after due consideration, the cost could range anywhere from £30,000 to £50,000 or more.

Now, I'm not asking people to send hundreds of pounds, if you want to do that and you can afford that or more, then that would be great, but I only want people to send what they can afford, and what they feel comfortable with. It's about many people doing a little, not a few people doing a lot. It could be £1 from your piggy bank or pocket money, or £10 from the family budget. If 5,000 families sent just £10, then we would raise, £50,000, which is the upper estimate for the initial cost of the project. Simply put, that's just 10 donations from 500 UK towns and cities all sending £100 between them; £10 each.

If you think, £50 000 is a lot of money, you are right it is! 

Howeverthese are just some of the factors to be considered:

  • Borehole Drilling: Based on a geological survey determining the depth required and the geological conditions.
  • Equipment and Materials: This includes the cost of the drilling equipment, and other materials needed for the borehole installation. 
  • Labour costs: For the drilling crew and technicians involved in installing and setting up the borehole. 
  • Water Quality Testing: to ensure the water is safe for drinking and other uses.
  • Infrastructure: Building a standpipe or water distribution system to provide access to the water from the borehole, for the community. 
  • A Water Distribution System: This will include constructing a concrete platform, installing taps or spigots, sinks for washing, setting up a water storage tank, and drainage. 
  • Maintenance and Ongoing Costs: It's also important to consider the ongoing maintenance costs for the distribution of water, infrastructure, as well as any fees for water management or community organization. 

So this is not going to be a cheap project, and I can't do it on my own, so any help from experienced people in this field would be appreciated, on a voluntary basis of course, so if you want to get involved from a practical stand point, then please let me know. If you think that you have the professional skills which I need and you would like to help then simply Send Me An Email to: [email protected] simply stating the skills which you have to offer. I basically need Professional people who have logistic and project management skills, a site manager or a civil engineer and an accountant, who want to put something back and 'Pay it Forward'.

Labour will have to be recruited locally, within the community, pitching in to keep the costs down. 

When you go to your kitchen or bathroom, after reading this, and turn on the tap and get out, cool fresh clean water, just think that just 4000 miles away, in a village in Uganda people just like you, are taking their water from a muddy puddle! They have no sanitation whatsoever, and at night it's probably too treacherous to go out in the dark for water. 

So, don't do me a favour, do one for Riyan and his community, put your virtual hand in your virtual pocket but don't send a lot. To Riyan, £1 is one fifth of his wages for a week. He works in a yoghurt factory and the product he produces sells for ug36000 shillings, which is £7.24. However, he only gets paid ug25000 shillings, which is £5; so after a week working in the factory, Riyan can't even afford to buy one of the cartons of yoghurt he's been making all week. Their earnings are 100 times less that the average U.K. wage, or to put it another way, we earn 100 times more than Riyan. A loaf of bread costs ug5000 shillings, or £1, one fifth of Riyan's wages. £10 to Riyan means two whole weeks wages. Please think what you earn in a week, and imagine what it would mean to you, if, someone whom you didn't even know, walked up to you and offered to pay your mortgage for that month, which could easily be, £724, one hundred cartons of yoghurt for Riyan. How much would that mean to mean to you? 

So please send enough to buy Riyan a virtual Carton of Yoghurt £7.24 only then ring your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, friends; or better still, please send the link to this page to all your Facebook, Instagam, LinkedIn, X , email contact list, and tell anyone you know, at work or at school. (ask your teacher if you can present a Morning Assembly based on this. You may use the photos at the top of the page, and this text as your script, modified so it sounds like it's coming from you).  Please get your whole family involved, and have them send to their social media also. Please do that for Riyan and his community.

View the Mityana District: Mityana District of Uganda.

View the YouTube Video: Busimbi Kasimbi Village  (YouTube Approved Music)     View The Official Video Here Don't forget to Like and Comment and all those things, as I want to have this Video Trending. When You've watched the videos, and you've had a look at Ryans Instagram, please don't get lost in YouTube,  remember to do the important thing and please Donate whatever you can afford.

Please click the link to go to Riyan's Instagram page


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