Help us change the story at Paris climate talks

by New Internationalist in Oxford

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Help us change the story at the Paris climate talks and give grassroots voices – ignored by governments and corporate media – a platform

by New Internationalist in Oxford

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Jess 6th November 2015

Thank you for doing this. I attend COPs and see the absence of the people you will talk to - keep at it please

Wendy and Roger Ford 6th November 2015

Just returned from an interesting conference on Climate Justice with speakers from the global south and the global north (arctic) your video arrived in time for me to show it to others. - Wendy

Anna W. 6th November 2015

New Internationalist being brilliant as usual. It's fast becoming the ONLY way to get some honest information on the subject. Well done!!

lconnor 5th November 2015

The mainstream media represents the powerful, NI has a proud history of standing with the powerless, keep on doing what you're doing. It's needed more than ever

James.Corre 3rd November 2015

Looking forward to this! Please do a podcast with an xml feed if poss - much easier to listen to daily on the go than if everything is only accessible through some kind of web interface.

Dee-Dee 31st October 2015

Good luck - We need an effective, articulate 'voice of the people' at the heart of the talks to make sure our views are heard!

sophias_reality 29th October 2015

Hey, I was at Copenhagen too as part of Climate Camp and really understand the importance of media platform for the people. so glad you're going for this plan... Will really make a difference, well done!

Boyd 22nd October 2015

I'm very happy to hear that you are taking this crucial initiative: It's crucial that this crucial climate summit will be covered by the type of media which focuses on global justice (such as yours), ... addressing the crucial aspect of global justice within the urgent topic of climate change. Thanks again.

paulio_swansea 21st October 2015

the powers that be have fought hard to be so. being so there will be huge opposition at every juncture. I have seen protests and believe they are best avoided for the most part, take peace in your hearts with you and return with great joys for your achievements of travelling to a new country and making associations with many people... on a final note, be yourselves you will achieve great things. Paul

Gouasniere 13th October 2015

I am really pleased that you are taking this on. To establish a channel of honesty on this topic is so important and so overdue. Well done and very best wishes with your endeavours.


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