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We're building 3D printers to print our plant-based Green Camps from which we host amazing regenerative programs!

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On the 7th December 2020 we'd raised £9,445 with 19 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.



Green Campus is developing large format 3D printers and revolutionary bio-materials with which we are printing our Green Camp System: an off grid habitat. This allows us to print Green Camps which provide plant based accomodation in nature and larger Green Campuses where we can deliver our regenerative programs.

Green Campus is about working out and celebrating the kindest ways to provide for all of our needs. 

Our hope is that wherever we deploy a Green Campus we have a regenerative effect on consciousness, community, environment and circular economies. We invite you to come and work on creating an inspiring example of the culture of compassion with us.




Over the past four years we have been working with the world’s leading composite and large format 3D printing engineers to create the largest, most flexible, greenest, most economical and most accessible 3D printing platform.

With what we have learned, we are now able to put together a robotic arm 3D printing platform for £35,000 with is 4x cheaper than the next available robotic arm platform.

This means we can print the panels and modular subassemblies of The Green Camp System with incredible speed, accuracy, wherever manufacture is needed and with very basic skills.



We are very proud to be working with the world’s leading bio-composites chemical engineers who have developed 100% non-toxic, 100% plant based bio-materials made from food and organic fibre waste.

These cradle to cradle bio-materials can be combined with natural fibres like hemp, jute, even meadow-grass to offer a one for one replacement for conventional composites.

We have been optimizing the materials for use in the 3D printers and for basic mechanical properties, weather stability and fire safety.

We now have a good body of test data from independent and government laboratories and our own structures and furnishings with which to showcase these materials for different market segments.



These technologies allow us to print our Green Camp System, modular structures that are able to be manufactured and assembled with unparallelled speed and efficiency to provide eco-accommodation and event spaces.

Our main business model is to set up beautiful eco (all plant based as a rule) accommodation and event spaces in partnership with landowners, building the camps for them for free and operating the camps with them in a revenue sharing basis according to a franchise codebook and rental agreement until we can start to buy our own land.



Our members and staff who contribute to Green Campus by coming to stay with us and hosting or joining in our regenerative programs are awarded shares in the company proportional to their contributions so that the more you come to stay at Green Campus and contribute to the regeneration of consciousness, community, environment and co-operative economies then the more of a share of those lands that you are regenerating you earn. This is the opposite of the consumer model, this is an economic democracy within our plant based ethical principles.



Monthly meditation, Dhamma and Yoga weekends

Bi-annual Yoga Teacher Training
With Yoga Academy

Hybrid plant based fitness weekends
With Sabina Skala fitness and friends

Reforestation Festival
With Green Pop

Online Forest Gardening  
With The Agroforestry Research Trust

Ecovillage Design Curriculum
With Gaia Education

Learn more about the Green Campus programs at



Sinesh Shah - CFO

Robin Collings - Creative Deployment Director

Sean - Build Partner



We will be providing Weekly updates and a live interactive panel discussion with global luminaries at 19BST on Thursdays which you can follow at

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£25 or more

One night at Green Campus (special offer)

One nights stay at any Green Campus Worldwide. This will also create a free membership profile which will store your nights stay booked as a 'contribution'. The more contributions you make the more benefits you can earn! You will be sent a unique voucher that you can use to redeem nights stays once our first camps are up and running.

£10 or more

Raspberry Canes

A bunch of Raspberry canes from Arundel Forest Garden. To be planted in a sunny spot this winter within a few days of arriving to produce deliscious berrys in June or July.

£15 or more

Green Campus Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Organic cotton made with Global Organic Standard approved inks (GOT). Order here

£20 or more

Organic Cotton Green Campus Jumper

See the for pics, they are quite funky. Organic cotton with the Green Campus logo. GOTS approved Ink (all harmless)

£25 or more

Baby Sea Buckthorne Shrub

A baby Sea Buckthorne Plant from the original Forest Garden at Arundel Green Camp. It is said of Sea Buckthone: that it is impossible to imagine a sphere of medicine in which it is not beneficial. The bright orange berries are full of the RNA acids that your DNA is made from: Obliphica Siberica, Orange Energy, yields about 200 incredibly delicious and health-full berries every 10 cm of branch! Berries are worth about £60 per KG dried!! The berrie

£30 or more

One night at green Campus, Single in dorm

The dorm configurations are ideal for families and groups looking to get out into nature or just individuals looking to save money by sharing a larger room with other people interested in the culture of compassion

£50 or more

Edible leaved Lyme Tree (Tilia Cordata)

You can eat every leaf of the Edible Leaved Lyme tree (Tillia Cordata), a beautiful deciduous tree whose large, lush green leaves are entirely edible, highly nutritious and deliciously palatable (with a chlorophyl rich lime flavour). The tree grows up to 30 foot in diameter and about 30-40 feet tall with a surface root) and literally millions of leaves! The trees comes as small graft and will grow about a foot a year if established well

£60 or more

Double Room at Green Campus (One night)

A double room for one or two people in our first Zome 6 Challet (see at any Green Campus worldwide; redeemable at any time.

£300 or more

Monthly Green Camp Weekend retreats

Secure your place on one of our monthly weekend retreats a Green Campus Ellanore. Come and stay, Friday to Sunday with the other Green Campus Members enjoying monthly weekend retreats organised around Yoga, Mediation, Permaculture (practical planting stuff not theory), natural building, good organic food, community, ceremonies and celebration as well as all the local activities of Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, other watersports, natural horse

£360 or more

Membership Level 1 (12 nights a year)

12 nights a year, redeemable individually or for a group. Program priority access. Program discounts. Ability to host programs and events. Level two contributor. See for more information or monthly subscription rates for this package.

£400 or more

Hybrid Athlete Vegan Fitness Weekend

Sabina and her team charge ultra athletes £2500 for their weekend seminars! We are incredibly lucky to be developing weekend programs where 'Nature is our Gym' at Green Campus. Be the first on these regular programs. for more

£550 or more

Membership Level 2 (24 nights a year)

24 nights a year, redeemable individually or for a group. Program priority access. Program discounts. Ability to host programs and events. Level two contributor. See for more information or monthly subscription rates for this package.

£3,000 or more

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The teacher training at Green Campus is directed toward anyone who is interested in exploring the essence of yoga and refine their practice both for personal enrichment and for becoming a yoga teacher. The course is very practical, you will have ample time to practice teach and learn how to create your own vinyasa sequences safely. This teacher training follows the standards of Yoga Alliance. See for more info.

£6,000 or more

One tonne of bio-composite pellets for 3D printing

A batch of the latest generation of bio-materials at a special price. 40% plant fibres, 60% bio-resin Tensile modulus 3600mpa Tensile strength 43

£10,000 or more

Lifetime Membership (Green Leaf)

Lifetime membership. Unlimited access to Green Campuses worldwide forever.

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