Fundraising after break in for childrens resources

by Sarah Perryment in Axminster, England, United Kingdom

Fundraising after break in for childrens resources


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After a break in at the nursery fundraising money for the children was stolen our aim is to replace these funds

by Sarah Perryment in Axminster, England, United Kingdom

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Paul FitzHenry 15th November 2020

I can’t believe what motivates someone to break in to and steal from a facility that caters for children however we need to move on and hopefully this crowdfunding will help that happen

Val Thompson 11th November 2020

I wanted to help because you cared for my gorgeous grandson from 9months till he went to school. He is now 11 and thanks to you guys who played a huge part in his life he is a loving, kind, intelligent boy. Thank you xx

Luke Garrett 11th November 2020

Best of luck with the fundraiser. Hope you can raise the much needed money for Tick Tocks and the children. Such a hard working and caring team that didn’t deserve this ❤️

Jane French 11th November 2020

Kerry I know it's not much but I hope it helps a little to help get your workplace back to being the place you love being again for all of those children.xxxx

GK 11th November 2020

I was so sorry to hear about the break in. Remember there are more good people than bad in this world. Good luck reaching your target. Best regards a grateful grandparent 😊

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