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by Alexandra Groszek in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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I am raising funds to develop 6W, a platform and app enabling cross sector collaboration in humanitarian activities.

by Alexandra Groszek in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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6W app

Hello, and welcome.

I am here to tell you about an app and platform I am making for cross sector collaboration in humanitarian activities and impact projects, called 6W. 

I started the 6W app at the start of the Ukraine war, when I became involved with the formation of a new americain NGO called Crossborder Civilians, primarily dealing with evacuations, medical help and supplies. This period gave me a deep insight into the logistics of humanitarian work, as I was in the core team involved with planning and logistics and building things from scratch. I also attended as many UN and logistics coordination meetings as I could. 

My app evolved organically from the need I saw in connecting different parties quickly to partners and resources. For organisations to work effectively they need strong partnerships and support networks. There is some fantastic coordination work happening between organisations on the UN level however it takes time, and involves a lot of data collection. 

The most valuable thing I learnt in those months and have tried to transfer into the app, was the idea of 5Ws used in NGO coordination by the UN: Which organizations (Who) are carrying out Which activities (What) in which locations (Where) in Which period (When) for which beneficiaries (For Whom) ....and now I'm trying to add a 6th W (With Whom) are they partnering with! 



Since then I managed to spend some time developing the app details further with the tech team from a company called Nodalview, who were matched with the project via Tech to the Rescue.  Nodalview started a new version from scratch voluntarily, and kindly handed over all the work so it can be continued by the next developer. It's still only the start but I have something to work with should I find another tech team to finish the app, though I'm equally happy to start again should that be simpler.

Here is a video showing the new app that was started, the most important change here is that you can endorse or report other organisations to build trust. 

6W app version 2 video

I have also now registered my own not for profit - Interallies C.I.C, for the purpose of creating digital tools that facilitate cross sector collaboration in aid and impact activities. A lot of collaboration is currently done in multiple whattsapp and telegram groups, which is inefficient and easy to get lost in. The project has also been accepted by the UNHCR as part of the RRP2023, the refugee response plan for Poland. However, I cannot take this forward, develop the app and platform fully and run the C.I.C without funds, so your help is key to making this happen!

For more details please see the information below. 

Thank you for your time!



If you would like to reach out please email:

[email protected]

What will the money go towards:

1) Building a responsive platform for web and mobile, starting with a mobile app. 

2) Funding aid activities of highest priority (see selection process below)

3) Personal expenses 

Here is a link to the original prototype I made last year:


Here is a video of the second prototype that was made voluntarily by Nodalview's tech team, who I was connected to via Tech to the Rescue:

Interallies app version 2 video

Here is a more detailed description of the app as it's currently planned:

The app will create a secure portal for cross sector users either involved in or seeking involvement in humanitarian, aid and impact activities. It will allow users to register their contact details and upload multimedia content on activities for which they are seeking partners. 

Collaboration will be guided by users endorsing each other for trust, giving feedback on projects, and expressing interest in collaboration. 

Contact details will be shared on user approval. Approved project partners will be added to project details to allow for more transparent and effective team building. Former / existing partnerships will be added to user profiles to show partnership experience / activity.

Activities can be presented via text, images and videos. Users will also need to assign a level of urgency to each activity, to enable prioritization of emergencies.

Users will also be able to express interest in funding activities, indicating an amount. Any further funding arrangements will be made between users themselves. Amount of funds raised will be visible in project details.

Feedback or endorsements given by regular users will be distinguished from those given by experts.

Users will be required to give projects they partner in success ratings on completion, rating the impact created in each of its categories (eg. energy, shelter, education) so that project progress can be monitored. Images can also be uploaded as supporting evidence for project ratings given.

Any profits generated will go towards funding selected* humanitarian and impact projects.

Impact assessment will be facilitated by monitoring project success ratings given by users.

* Projects will be selected for funding depending on the following factors (which will also guide users in their funding decisions):

i. Level of emergency

ii. Endorsments from users (number of trust stars given to project founders)

iii. Number of users supporting project 

iv. Amount of funds raised

v. Feedback from users and experts

vi. Verification of selected founder via references, ID & proof of address

vii. Available image evidence and invoices or receipts for humanitarian / impact activities

viii. Number of project partners acquired via app


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