Wave Network- Equipment

by Goran Gbo in London, England, United Kingdom

Wave Network- Equipment

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Money towards equipment for filming and editing of high-quality work.

by Goran Gbo in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 6th July 2020 we'd raised £1,864 with 59 supporters in 27 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Thank you for taking the time to read what this project is about.

I am raising money for a state of the art laptop: MAC Book Pro, with the essential system and software which will allow me to have space, memory, file acceptance, intel core system, security, traffics, and power.

A Camera that will let me film in the highest quality, so my choreography, talent, acting scenes, the sport will come to life, the work I am documenting now will also be used towards a bigger film project. I am required to film so I can show people who are paying attention to my project what I am capable of. The cameras are a Black Magic Cinema Camera that records in 6k and Sony NX100 Camera in 4k.

More information below about the wider project.

My very own streaming service: WAVE Network.

A talk show,  I am the host of which is currently still in negotiations with the television network/streaming service is a catalyst for 4 major feature films I am writing and directing. I believe before we watch and listen to the stories of those oppressed and the oppressors we must understand or understand their philosophies and ways of thinking.

The films are Title of Honor, Morpheus, The Antidote, and Deeper Understanding.


Film crew which includes, director,co-directors, Producers, Dop, Script, writers, Foley artists, stunt artists, dancers, assistants, lighting team, actors, costume, stylists, makeup artists, use of 1st party music, set location, food, transport, equipment, paid performances/ paid gigs, development hours website design, advertisement, set design, research hours from internet and palpable resources, renting outside locations, airing time to name a few.

The WAVE inc. a brand I am currently working on is an umbrella that covers Music, Fashion, and Film to name a few. A direct end product is a documentary opening your eyes to this.

The BBC, ITV, Sky News, 5 news, Dave TH, and cable programs through satellites.Freeview, virgin, and direct TV.

Streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Gaia, CBS, all-access, and Mobi work in online platforms.

The media sources and news team do not radiate a voice of hope and passion for humanity that younger human beings desire for their society daily.

I listen, I observe, I document, I remember, what people say, think, and do even the small and insignificant moments. What they are looking for, meaning, love, commonality,a feeling a fire, a drive. A purpose.

We question, we look deeper, a deeper understanding of who we are. This going inward heals us and is therapy. It gives us clarity from the inside transforming the external world.

As we accelerate even faster into a technological revolution, I introduce a sharp and straight forward 30 minute to 1-hour program. A time that will allow us to reflect. 

A time to debunk and think for ourselves regardless of the dots scattering across the drawing board that is lined up different from what we are previously taught in our educational establishments.

The topics that we have to discuss are unlimited.

The very validation humans are all searching for lies within us. Our very advancement as human beings relies on our connection.

A live audience of handpicked selected talent and figures invited to join the conversation who is fearless to say what's on their mind. Examples include actors studio, Arsenio hall show, Saturday night live, and Jimmy Kimmel. 

My diversity of the human experience is amplified through my interactions that surpass, class, money, race, occupation, and religion has confirmed that the first step we must take as a society has a sit-down and converse so we have an understanding of each other.


Donating means you are contributing to a revolution within the artistic spectrum, A full documentary of the creation process, 4 feature films that will help humanity remind themselves of who they are, A talk show for people to discuss and debate and the WAVE brand which covers management and casting within music, fashion and film.

The money will be donated to help the community. Help will be given to those that are unable to access facilities that could help them in low-income areas in the UK, people living in poverty, key workers, access to arts for kids to express themselves because it's important and that is the foundation of life.

Out with the old in with the new.


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