42km in 42 days for Children's Mental Health

42km in 42 days for Children's Mental Health


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Started on 12th February 2021 East Horsley, England, United Kingdom

Getting outside and exercising is a great place to start with our own mental health and a Place2be provide mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling using tried and tested methods backed by research. They also offer expert training and professional qualifications. 

Please support the children involved in this challenge by donating what you can to help this fantastic charity. 

Children of all ages can get involved, how about the whole family by managing as little as 1km a day or even 5km x 2( plus little more each week) 

Physical activity is shown to have a beneficial effect on children's mental well being as well as their physical health. Experts say physical activity allows children to have a better outlook on life by building confidence, managing anxiety and depression, and increasing self-esteem and cognitive skills. 

At this time when children are already suffering from lack of social activities, it seems more important than ever to find ways they can challenge themselves, maintain activity and have fun.

The intention of this challenge is to get kids active, help them feel part of a community and support a good cause at the same time.

From Monday 15th Feb through to 29th March, we are encouraging children of all ages to run, walk or cycle 42kms (26 miles, a marathon distance) in 42 days.

This can be achieved by running, walking, scooting or cycling any distance, to a minimum of 42km, during the dates above. Ie; they can run 1km per day each day, or can choose to run, scoot or cycle 8x5km (plus a bit!) during the 42 days. Or any combination of miles and frequency. It's entirely up to them how they achieve the miles.

They can record their miles in a grid available here: Grid & Donation Sheet or you can join the strava club (on their behalf) that's been set up.

A win win for everyone!

Join our Strava 42km in 42days


Gerard Ball commented

Well done Leo. Great effort. From us, Nan and Grandad Len and Ama and Papa GXXX

27th April 2021 at 8:10am
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27th April 2021 at 8:09am
Simon Jordan commented

Smashed it Leo!! Well done, we’re super proud of you.

28th March 2021 at 1:40pm
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28th March 2021 at 1:39pm
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27th March 2021 at 7:53pm
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Sam Pinder commented

Thank you - we really enjoyed participating!

9th March 2021 at 7:49pm
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9th March 2021 at 7:48pm
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Jackie Hinds commented

Thats amazing, Leo! I'm so proud of you!!

25th February 2021 at 5:38pm
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25th February 2021 at 5:35pm