4 x 4 = Hope!

by Gap Ministries in Mombasa, , Kenya

4 x 4 = Hope!

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We work with mothers and children living on the municipal dump site in Mombasa teaching tailoring and literacy skills. We need your help!

Project by Gap Ministries

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th June 2022 we'd raised £11,545 with 37 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

The more money we raise, the better and newer the vehicle we can purchase. This hopefully means it will last longer and need fewer repairs.

4 x 4 = HOPE

The road to the Joseph Centre is around 12km long and is a dirt road in very bad condition. The only form of public transport is by motorbike - apart from this the road is primarily used by 4 x 4 vehicles and garbage trucks.
1651474558_3fc28fc6-4db5-4484-88f6-95e59e46a980.jpegThe 4 x 4 vehicle we have been using these past few years now needs replacing. It has had several breakdowns recently, the most recent case involved welding the chassis together where it had split in two - the second time this has needed doing.

We have been advised by the mechanics that the road is too rough to continue using this vehicle - we need to replace it.

1651474945_abc3e84e-6e59-40ca-a51a-d1a74fac8a38.jpegThe car is used several times each week to transport our 7 staff to the centre to teach the mothers and manage the crèche for the little ones who are not old enough for school. It is also used to transport mothers/children to clinics and hospital when they are sick.

4 x 4 = CHANGE

What We Do

Gap Kenya is changing the lives of mothers and children. We provide homes for them to live in within the nearby village so they no longer live in the polythene and cardboard shelters amidst the garbage.

They are taught to make clothes and school uniforms for their children, along with bags and throws which people buy. The money received by the mothers enables them to buy food instead of needing to scavenge for this from the garbage.


Mothers who have never been to school are given literacy lessons and their children are now in school - over 40 children are provided with the necessary fees, uniforms and books required to attend the local Government school.
1651477515_4240cfed-206d-417f-a8a8-ff8df6580ff2.jpegDuring the holidays they are able to play and have fun…just as children ought.


They receive food, clean water, and medical care. And the little ones learn and have fun in the crèche.




And they receive justice. One of the children who attends the centre was recently raped. Gap Kenya was instrumental in bringing the perpetrator to justice. He is currently on remand and his trial is continuing. Without Gap Kenya, nothing would have happened. Rape is common and accepted by those living in this community. We are teaching them what is acceptable…both men and women. 

What Gap Kenya does is so valuable and important to these mothers and children. The charity enabled one mother to begin her own micro tailoring business last year. Naomi now makes school uniforms for several schools, living and supporting her three children in a nearby village.


Our plan is to expand on the work we currently do and help more mothers and children.


We require £34,000 to buy a newly imported, second hand seven seater 4 x 4 with around 50,000 miles on the clock. This will enable the work at the Joseph Centre to continue for many years to come. However, we can buy an older vehicle for around £17,000 so if we are able to raise this amount, we know we can buy something! This crowdfunded is to help us reach our target! The more money we can raise, the better the vehicle we can purchase, knowing it will last longer and hopefully need fewer repairs.

minus 4 x 4 = ZERO

Without a 4 x 4 it will prove extremely difficult for the charity to continue the work at the Joseph Centre. Cars in Kenya are not cheap - they cost a lot more than in the UK. But a 4 x 4 is so very necessary for the charity to help these mothers and children so pleas, please donate and help us raise as much as possible to make caring for the most vulnerable mothers and their children continue.

4 x 4 = YOU

Please donate and make a difference to the lives of Mombasa’s most vulnerable mothers and their children. 

Thank you so very much!


This project offered rewards

£10 or more


A thank you e-postcard from the Joseph Centre

£25 or more

A video from us to you

A thank you video from the mums and children at the Joseph Centre.

£50 or more

Thank You Card

A personalised thank you card posted to you from the mothers at the Joseph Centre.

£100 or more

Hand made bag

One of the bags made by a mother at the Joseph Centre.

£1,000 or more

A beautiful throw

A throw made by the mothers at the centre. Various colours, designs and sizes up to 6’ x 5’.

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