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by Adam Clarke in Wheathampstead, England, United Kingdom


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We want to lead the way in enabling and empowering citizen, volunteers and engineers in solving both grassroots & wider world problems.

by Adam Clarke in Wheathampstead, England, United Kingdom

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Mai Vu 27th April 2021

Thank you so much for all the incredible work you have done and continue to do to support the NHS in these challenging times. Your visors helped to keep us and our patients - mothers and babies- safe at work. You are absolute Heroes...!! - An eternally grateful Doctor from Homerton University Hospital Neonatal Unit.

Heather Bridgland 25th April 2021

Having taken part in the 3D printing for masks last year I have positive memories of the fab community that is 3D Crowd. With work and other commitments we are no longer able to be actively involved in new projects, so happy to support on some way.

Justin Sumner 29th March 2021

If any one of 3DCrowd's current projects can be fully fulfilled, then we might see a revolution similar to the invention of the wheel. e.g. Just look at Bio-Fuel Containers - taking plastic bottle waste off the beaches/land of the World - turning into GREEN ENERGY -amazing.


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£20 or more

3D Crowd Supporter

Become an official 3D Crowd Supporter. Ideal for anyone who benefited from our face shields or originally volunteered but no longer has time to commit. Plus, your name will be featured on our website as a thank you.

£50 or more

Super Supporter

3D Crowd Ambassador. Become an official 3D Crowd Ambassador. Get an official badge and add it to your LinkedIn profile (if you want) Perfect for anyone who wants to actively support 3D Crowd. Plus, your name will be featured on our website as a thank you.

£100 or more

Sponsor a free range 3D Printer

Sponsor a 3D Crowd volunteers 3D Printer. You'll get monthly updates of when things are going well and when they are not for a year. The money will help volunteers keep their 3D Printers in tiptop shape. Plus, your name will be featured on our website as a thank you.

£200 or more

The Masked Singer Workshop Tour

One of our founding members is also behind the masks from the masked singer. Get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

£200 or more

Sponsor a Papra Unit Prototype

What is a Papra unit we hear you ask... It's a self-contained breathing unit to help keep health workers safe. Once we have working prototypes we can look at reducing the unit costs an optimise the manufacturing process. These units have a multitude of uses and have the potential to help and support a range of scenarios.

£250 or more

Sponsor our newsletter

Sponsor one of our weekly newsletters for a month which goes out to 7,000 current and former volunteers. Our newsletters get an impressive 45%+ open rate. Perfect for 3D Printing related companies. We reserve the right to refuse the advert if we feel it is not compatible with our values and commitment to our members. Please keep this in mind before committing.

£250 or more

Sponsor our website for a month

With thousands of visitors still coming to our website every month. Advertising your brand and supporting a great cause could be a match made in heaven for your brand. First come first served. We reserve the right to refuse the advert if we feel it is not compatible with our values and commitment to our members. Please keep this in mind.

£600 or more

Sponsor a Portable/Folding Printer

When disaster hits, time is of the essence and simple things can make a huge difference. Having a portable folding printer could enable communities to print the parts that they need fast and without waiting for aid. This would suplements our project Babel testing initative where 3D Crowd volunteers are refining and checking the quality of designs so people can print reliable parts in a time of crisis.

£750 or more

Sponsor a Tetra Unit

Project Tetra is an ambitious joint project to make one ventilator support up to four people at once. Yes, £750 might sound like a lot, but in comparison to the cost of a standard ventilator, they are incredibly cost-effective. The more we can prototype and learn from the manufacturing process, the more we can improve and reduce the cost of production for low to middle income countries.

£2,000 or more

Sponsoring a Babel Test Lab / Makerspace

Ambitious yes, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Sponsoring a Babel Test Lab / Makerspace would allow 3D Crowd to ramp up our disaster relief efforts massively. We need funding to scale up and prove some of our concepts to allow 3D printing of parts in the field. We aim to set up a resilient and mobile high-quality production facility to deploy within a disaster relief zone, allowing rapid response times for critical parts to save lives.

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