Make 30% of the worlds ocean No-Take Zones by 2030

by Seaspiracy in United Kingdom


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We are asking our world leaders to establish and enforce ‘No-Take’ Marine Protected Areas in at least 30% of the worlds ocean by 2030.

by Seaspiracy in United Kingdom

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Michael Schmidts 20th February 2022

It's the planet for our next generations.We have to take care for it in the same manner we take care about our beloved children. Thank you Ali for showing us these pictures and insights that we probably would never have seen without you. It has changed the way we will eat or not eat anymore fish in the future.

Batu Peronda 11th January 2022

Thank you so much for what you are doing, I just finished seeing seaspiracy ... Thank you again for this movie, and all the risks you took to expose all those issues !!! You have all my support !

Springinsfeld Bernd 25th November 2021

In a natural food chain, mother earth know's it best what it needs to do, but we human's break by this system. So the nature gives us a bigger brain, with that we should found ways to live with the nature and all the animals on this planet. So it is up to us that we beware of all that, and it's more than importente that we start to doing that.

Concepcion Berta Serrano Ramos 15th November 2021

One of the few movements who shows you the reality of the fishing industry with every detail, really thankful for giving me all the information I needed to stop eating fish and to push others to do the same. Thank you for doing what you do to save our oceans, our earth and us. 🤍

Roberta Calapai 27th October 2021

I think the biggest problem is that these issues are mostly unknown. Since school children should get more awareness on the consequences of their eating habits

Piotr Gulbicki 6th August 2021

After seeing Seaspiracy I understood how big threat for future of our planet is fishing. We need to change that. At the beginning - no more fish on my plate!

Salena Koch 3rd August 2021

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to spread the awareness! Stop supporting the fishing industry now! @seaspiracy thank you for all the hard work

Marwa Younis 31st July 2021

Please continue raising awareness. The saddest and most dangerous part about it ist that the majority of people have absolutely no idea about any of this. You go to your supermarket, buy “sustainably” labeled products with a smile on your face, thinking that you just made the right decision. Meanwhile you’re you’re taking part in destroying ecosystems, supporting frauds, contributing to animal and human slaughtering, not to forget threatening our very own existence on this planet.

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