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To provide antigen testing kits, food, and hygeine items to the Mahakulung people of Nepal to support their fight against the Corona virus.

by New Futures Nepal in Nepal

Campaign Background

Since the beginning of the Corona virus pandemic, trekking tourism in Nepal has been severely affected.  This has had a significant impact on the porter families in the Mahakulung Everest region who rely heavily on income from this sector.  New Futures Nepal have been working in conjunction with Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) on the ground in Nepal (a Nepali NGO which operates in the region and has the capacity to source the required aid and transport it to where it is needed., and have been able to supply health workers in the region with PPE equipment and support porter families with food during the pandemic.

1622823044_image4.jpgWith the backing of New Futures Nepal, EMF were able to provide food to porter families from the Mahakulung region over two phases and equip health workers with essential PPE.

A recent surge in infections in Nepal and subsequent lockdown measures however, means that the people of this region still need our support.  Health workers at the Muhakulung Community Hospital in the region have been carrying out a test and isolation programme in conjunction with a 15 bed isolation centre and home-isolation protocol.  However, local infections have recently surpassed 400 and their are insufficient quantities of antigen testing kits to maintain this programme.

1622720901_192871828_4024025944348662_6874424348814320517_n.jpgHealth worker at Mahakulung Community Hospital performing Covid-19 antigen testing. PPE was previously provided by EMF and funded by New Futures Nepal.

This means that EMF and New Futures Nepal are still committed to providing on-going aid to the vulnerable people of the Mahakulung region. 


The new objectives of this on-going collaboration are therefore:

  • To providing antigen testing kits to the  Mahakulung Community Hospital.
  • To provide personal hygeine items to the people of the region to control the spread of the virus.
  • To create a nutritious food-bank for those in isolation.

How Can I Help?

Below is a list of the items (with current cost in Nepal) which EMF are looking to provide the rural people of this region.  You can use this as a guide to what you donate, knowing that your contribution will go towards this much needed aid.

Antigen Kit: £4.20 each

Hand Washing Bucket (20 liter) with tap: £2.10 each

Dettol Soap: £1.75 each

Colgate Toothpaste: £0.42

Colgate Neo Toothbrush: £0.35

Nail Cutter: £0.30

Typical food costs in Nepal: Food items for tourism porter’s family for 2 weeks: £28 per family 

Transport costs to bring items from Kathmandu: £350

New Futures Nepal and the Everest Mera Foundation sincerely thank you for your continued generosity.

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