21st Birthday Fundraising!

by Melissa CC in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

21st Birthday Fundraising!
We did it
On 28th May 2021 we successfully raised £575 with 37 supporters in 35 days

To beat eating disorders, allowing people to get the support they need and live a full life.

This is to raise money for individuals suffering from an eating disorder to get the necessary help they need. During COVID-19, there has been a massive increase in eating disorders. There is not enough information out there on the severity of an ED, and there is certainly not enough support out there for those who are living through one. 

The money raised will provide a range of support such as support groups, workshops and events - which will include specialist advice. Community support is a big part of eating disorders as they can lead to isolation, avoidance, secrecy and feeling alone and so by bringing people together, sharing experiences, and having catered support can be very helpful.

Additionally, you may know getting support for ED’s can be very much based on BMI which is ridiculous, implying one is not ill enough to get help or support, often leading to the person becoming more ill in order to gain help. ED’s can present in any one, of any age, gender, height, sexual orientation, physical nature etc.
So if you can, please donate to this fundraiser in order to provide support to those who need it.

However, If you wish to donate to an alternate charity, there is BEAT:

They are an online service who provide support, information and helplines for those suffering from eating disorders. They work in partnership with the NHS and are very useful for those who may be supporting individuals with an eating disorder, providing guidelines for carers.

You may never know someone is suffering from an ED as it can be discrete and secretive, even to the individual with the disorder. Even though it seems a very physical disorder (which it can be), it is much more of a mental health disorder. A lot of the time (not to generalise) but it is never really about the food and is more of a coping mechanism.

Once experiencing a disorder, it can be extremely hard to come away from, especially without any support.

I would be so grateful for any donation given. I wish it was more acceptable to talk about mental health and I wish for more support available in the mental health sector, especially given our current climate. 

Lastly, if you wish to donate to a non-ED related charity that works with mental health, then MIND is a charity very close to my heart: 


Thankyou❤️ - (now you can have a drink or two on me for my birthday !!)

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