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by Edward Thomas in Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Funding to grow this independent British brand in the rapidly growing UK eBike market.

by Edward Thomas in Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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On the 21st April 2022 we'd raised £110 with 1 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

I Need YOU.

To Help ME.

On My Journey...

That journey started in April 2020 when I purchased Mark2 Bikes, an overlooked eBike brand, neglected and almost forgotten. I saw that the designs were excellent, the products superior and the opportunity was huge. It just lacked the passion to plan and execute a remarkable turnaround in fortunes.

I provided that passion, now I seek help in striving for the next level.

In the first full year of ownership, Mark2 increased its sales six-fold. We did that through a clear plan and by building a small dynamic team. Together, we redefined our target market, brought in new models, changed our supplier and distributor relationships, created both a new online shop and a bricks-and-mortar presence and further extended that reach through a burgeoning franchise operation, so that everyone, wherever they are in the country, will be able to access Mark2.


We’re predicting a further three-fold increase this year and are well on our way to achieving our targets. We need your help in funding this growth, more particularly because of the huge supply difficulties in the industry.

If an eBike manufacturer orders new components for stock today, it can take two years to get it delivered. We foresaw this and ordered plenty, developing a great relationship with the manufacturer to ensure continuity of supply.


We’ve used our cashflow and some borrowings to pay 30% of this commitment up front. We think our sales over the next few months will provide another huge chunk of the requirement. But we want to pay the factory as soon as possible and this is where you come in.


Your funding will allow us to bridge this gap and aid Mark2 in its plans for 2022 and beyond. This includes over 800 eBikes which we have brought to market for 2022 (assembled in Europe) and will also allow us to develop new designs for production in the UK over the next few years. Our ultimate aim is to be a UK producer of UK made eBikes for the home market, manufactured to the highest standards and backed by a continuation of the first-class customer service that sets Mark2 apart.

I’m not alone on my journey, having built a team around me. I’m asking you to join me on that journey and what better way to travel than astride a Mark2 eBike?

Mark2 Hedkayse helmet for life


The best selling X-Cross...

"I'm very pleased indeed with my X-Cross (step through) bike. It's very comfortable, especially with the swept back comfort handlebar and gel saddle, and using the power when I need it, especially up hills, is so easy. It handles the roads very well, whether it's in the town or country lanes. The twist throttle giving extra power when I need it is also a great feature. This is my second e-bike and my partner urged me to get the X-Cross as he is so happy with his X-Cross. I would definitely recommend Mark 2 Bikes to anyone wanting to buy an electric bike. They have a range of electric bikes and their customer service is second to none. One very happy customer."

"I am very pleased I purchased  my electric bicycle from Mark2. From the initial enquiry, right through to the purchase. They were so helpful. No pressure, but a lot of helpful advice on the type of bicycle That would suit my needs. Now that it has arrived  it has lived up to expectations. I would recommend this company to anyone, looking for an electric bicycle"

"This bike is amazing. Everything I dreamed of in an e bike and more. Fabulous motor and powerful. Excellent smooth gears and very easy on the eye. I LOVE IT!!!!"


The NEW Scrambler C...

"After a lot of searching for the right electric bike, I’m more than pleased with the Scrambler C , the build quality is top draw, very happy and impressed with it"





The popular Scrambler...


"This is my first eBike and I’m delighted with it - it’s robust, powerful and was a breeze to set up. Living on the side of a steep hill, it’s great to know the extra power is there when needed."

"Exceeded my expectations for the price. Build quality is great and the range is more than enough for me."



Please help me to continue my journey in building a strong independent UK eBike brand for the future!


This project offered rewards

£2,000 or more

eBike reward

Receive a Mark2 Scrambler or X-Cross eBike as a reward for your investment

£100 or more

Handmade leather keyring

Handmade leather Mark2 Bikes, England keyring

£500 or more

Helmet for life

Limited edition Mark2 helmet by Hedkayse. Patented material and kevlar shield, foldable and one size fits all (see story for image).

£1,000 or more

eBike voucher

£1000 voucher to use against the purchase of a Mark2 eBike

£2,500 or more

Scrambler C bundle

Scrambler C is a high torque electric mountain bike available in two colours and two frame sizes. Comes complete with limited edition Mark2 helmet for life by Hedkayse.

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