200-Mile Run In The Dark To Feed Rescued Animals

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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Hi, I am Mitso and I am challenging myself to run 200 miles under 55 hrs in a dark tunnel to raise money for rescued farm animals.

by Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Caring for hundreds of animals doesn't come cheap. The sanctuary needs £500 every week just to cover the costs of feed, excluding hay, straw and all the bills. The more I raise, the more food they will be able to buy.



Hi, I am Mitso and people usually describe me as a:

1. Mad runner

2. Animal lover

Both are true, which is why I am here today, asking for your help and support. 

This Friday, 24 September I will attempt to run 200 miles, 200 times non-stop through the darkness of the UK’s longest foot tunnel. The exact description of The Tunnel Ultra race is: 'A mind-bending test of extreme endurance and sensory deprivation' ... but I am ready for it!!





I have done numerous amounts of extreme runs in my life that had test me both physically and mentally. Each one I see as a personal challenge and a new opportunity to raise awareness and money for animals in need. Animals are my life and they give me the drive to keep going when I feel I have no energy left in me. Farm animals are put through so much misery against their own will and I feel that the least I can do is to use my skills and determination to spread the word and help them. 

Once again, I am choosing a charity very close to my heart - Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary aka FARS, based in Warwickshire, who rescue animals from abuse, neglect and slaughter, or simply just provide a forever loving home for pets and preowned animals that were loved and for whatever reason just can no longer be cared for. 

I have volunteered at FARS for many years now and so I can truly appreciate the amount of love, time, effort and money that goes into the daily care of these sentient beings. 



The Tunnel Ultra was created by Mark Cockbain who puts on 'extremely hard to achieve' challenges that he doesn't expect runners to complete. This 200-mile run takes its place on Friday 24 September, in Bath, Somerset, through the 1-mile-long Combe Down Tunnel. The rules stipulate that runners have to complete 100 laps of the tunnel within 55 hours. All runners were handpicked from the applicants with capacity of only around 30 in total. The terrain is flat and pitch black between 11pm and 5am which is when a head torch will have to be worn. At all other times there will be a very low-level lighting. Facilities will be very basic and limited with no shelter or rest areas and only water, coke and snacks will be available at the checkpoint. Additionally, there is no parking directly at the start, meaning runners will have to carry their kit 3 miles before and after the race.


  • No headphones
  • No walking sticks
  • No external support



With winter months just round the corner, the sanctuary's weekly expenses are starting to rise. With almost 500 animals on site, their costs are never ending. I am therefore hoping to raise as much as I can to contribute towards their winter feed, hay and straw. 100% of all donations (minus a small fee to the fundraising provider) will be going straight to the animals. 






No donation is too small. I will be grateful for whatever amount you can spare. Even £1 goes a long way in situations like this.

If you can't however help financially, spreading the word about this appeal can still go a long way. The more people I reach, the more donations I will be able to receive. And so, sharing the link across your social media or even just telling your friends and family would be hugely appreciated. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart



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