12 Hour Jam

by Thomas Binns in London, England, United Kingdom

12 Hour Jam


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We're raising money so we can continue to give away instruments and tuition to some of society's most isolated and at-risk adults.

by Thomas Binns in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 22nd September 2021 we'd raised £620 with 18 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Regular Donations: After you have completed your donation you will be able to set-up a regular donation arrangement to continue supporting this great cause.

Music Prescribed has been here before. In July 2019 we Crowdfunded our way through a (successful) world record attempt bagging the title for the world's longest ever guitar class at 24 hours and 6 minutes. 

That was to put some much-needed cash behind our guitar projects with Blind and Visually Impaired Adults, those living with ill mental health, young people with profound physical disabilities, Asylum Seekers, and people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

It went well. We raised the money. But money spends fast.

This is our new bid. 12 hours of nonstop jamming with a goal of 120 songs jammed as a medley. 

We have 12 sittings for participants meaning you can come down and jam with us and be part of this next musical adventure whilst spreading your love of music further by supporting the cause. 

The event will be taking place at our headquarters at 3 Vyner Street, London, E29DG. We begin at 6 am and finish at 6 pm. With an after-party running from 6-12pm on the 2nd of October.

See you there. 



This project offered rewards

£1 or more

Supporting the cause

We're grateful for any support you're able to give which is why we have this pledge at just £1. You can decide to pledge more if you can afford it. In taking this pledge you're sending a message that music matters to you and that you believe in the restorative powers of learning how to play an instrument. Thank you for your support.

£10 or more

6-7am early riser

A space on the 6 am jam slot.

£10 or more

After party

Once the 12-hour jam has ended we'll be downing our guitars and picking up the drinks for a party to celebrate all that money we managed to raise together. Here's your ticket.

£13 or more

7-8am easy riser

A place on the 7-8am jam slot.

£16 or more

8-9am up with the lark

A place on the 8 to 9 am jam slot.

£18 or more

9-10am Stop, wait a minute mr postman

A space on the 9 to 10 am jam slot.

£22 or more

10-11am Morning has broken

And you're the first flower... A space on the 10 am to 11 am jam slot.

£25 or more

11am-12pm Bloody Mary!

A space on the 11-12pm slot.

£25 or more

12-1pm Someday I'll be Saturday night

A space on the 12-1pm jam slot.

£25 or more

1-2pm Sunny Afternoon

A space on the 1-2pm Jam slot.

£25 or more

2-3pm Looking for the heart of Saturday night

A spot on the 2-3pm Jam slot.

£25 or more

3-4pm Afternoon tea

A place on the 3-4pm Jam slot

£25 or more

4-5pm Saturday nights alright

a space on the 4-5pm jam slot.

£35 or more

5-6pm Not quite a world record-but close

the big one, right before the post-jam party

£850 or more

Signed/unsigned Fender Telecaster

We have a telecaster for you and, if you would like, we can every person that takes part in this mega jam sign it...or, you can take it as it comes. This is a Sunburst, Mexican Telecaster. We have three available

£1,099 or more

Signed/unsigned Fender Stratocaster

We have an electric Blue Fender Stratocaster for you! You can choose to have this signed by everyone that takes part in this it-will-only-ever-happen-once- jam or just take it as it comes. This is a Fender Player Stratocaster.

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