Oxfords Bakery - The heart of the community

To build additional facilities at the bakery to help safe guard it's future in the community and to provide a destination for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, I’m Steve and I am the fourth generation Oxford baker at our site in Alweston near Sherborne in Dorset.  My family have been baking here since 1911 and in 2018 we want to strengthen both the legacy of our business and the local community around our bakery.

This project started as a vision that my Mum had, for the bakery to have a tea room and Museum to celebrate Oxford's involvement in the community over the past century.  I've expanded that initial idea to include even more facilities to allow even more people to enjoy our bakery.

We have plans approved to develop our site to include new tourism, education, catering, glamping and recreational facilities. Oxford’s want baking and bakeries to continue to be at the heart of communities long after “The Great British Bake Off” has been cancelled from TV. This funding will go into ensuring that happens.

By assisting to fund this project you will help:

  • Bring new tourists to the area helping to support other local businesses.
  • Create a community hub for social gatherings and youth groups
  • Create a facility for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations to create life long memories.
  • Enable a space to be utilised for the education of schools, businesses and recreational bakers. Ensuring that the values of good home baking don’t get lost and more people get into food through baking.
  • Enabling start up caterers/restaurateurs to have a venue for hosting ‘Pop up Restaurants’.
  • Allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy a weekend in the Dorset Countryside.
  • Provide a facility for businesses to host events.
  • Hopefully ensuring that the 5th generation of Oxfords Bakery have a sustainable future

Your funding gets you some pretty tasty rewards (no apologies for the pun)!