Oxford Cyber Security Academy

Oxford Cyber Security Academy

Create a Cyber Security Academy in the UK, Oxford, where we will provide Cybersecurity courses and services to companies.

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Cyber terrorism presents challenges to the world and to the UK future. We have to be prepared for terrorists seeking to take advantage of our increasing internet dependency to attack or disable key systems.  The UK’s national infrastructure and associated assets, as well as a broader range of UK businesses and organisations, currently face threats from international and domestic terrorism, espionage and other hostile foreign activity. Understanding the threat facing your business is key to ensuring protective security measures and mitigations are proportionate, effective and responsive. OCA will work with Agile Cybersecurity Solutions LLC to drive forward the cyber security programe in the UK to counter these threats.

We have currently 6 contracts, 1 large commercial client in NYC and 5 government contracts supporting DoD and other US Federal Agencies, and we want to expand to the UK.

Our Services 

Cybersecurity Consulting

OCA is well-positioned to craft realistic, practical solutions to help deter intrusions, misuse, computer fraud, and industrial espionage. OCA stays apprised of industry standards, best-of-breed technologies, and best practices.

OCA follows a rigorous process that enables us to perform a comprehensive assessment and customize a security solution that fits your specific operational needs. We offer a laser focus on security, an emphasis on teaming, sensitivity to business goals and independent recommendations driven by your needs rather than potential profits from resale agreements.

OCA can help you implement, manage, and maintain security solutions. We can also provide all of your staff with the appropriate level of training to ensure that your security strategy is made part of your organizational culture.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Do you know for certain whether your networks are secure and reliable?

We can provide various levels of security assessments based on your requirements.

Security and risk assessments combine knowledge of business objectives, information flow, safeguard requirements, network architecture, and operational policies and procedures. The result is an identification of critical assets, an understanding of your internal and external threats, and a prioritized set of cost-effective risk-mitigation measures. These assessments are available at various levels of complexity; from high-level reviews of organizational policies and procedures to technical vulnerability assessments involving sophisticated tools and procedures to identify specific configuration and implementation weaknesses within your network infrastructure. Our report includes analysis of findings along with proactive solutions for improving security.

Penetration tests determine the extent of your network's exposure to external or internal attacks and assess the effectiveness of your existing safeguards in providing the level of protection you desire. We demonstrate the effectiveness of your security measures by attempting to exploit discovered weaknesses following our proven methodology.  All testing is carefully controlled by authorized Rules of Engagement (RoE) and is conducted in a manner that avoids network outages and maintains data integrity.

Certificated Cyber Security Training

Cyber security skills are essential to any organisation committed to addressing the increasing risk from cyber attack. Experienced and qualified information security professionals are much in demand and there is a global shortage of cyber security skills. In this highly competitive job market, candidates need professional cyber security qualifications that are awarded by industry-recognised exam bodies.

Study at OCA will improve the adoption of skills, and accelerate the implementation of technical and business processes that are required to consistently deliver projects in scope, on time and on budget.

Workforce Optimization is largely achieved by improving the design, development and delivery of workforce training in accordance with organizational priorities, job roles and the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) to perform on the job.

Cyber SEAL Team