Ovid's Metamorphoses returns!

Help Pants on Fire transform the beautiful space of Earl Haig Hall and bring back their highly acclaimed show, Ovid's Metamorphoses.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £380 with 6 supporters in 28 days

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Help Pants on Fire transform the beautiful space at Earl Haig Hall and bring back their highly acclaimed show, Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Pants Project

Pants on Fire return with their highly acclaimed show 'Ovid's Metamorphoses' - a collection of love stories where human beings are magically transformed into - trees, animals, flowers, even constellations! Each tale explores the origins of humankind and man's link with nature and the universe. A talented ensemble of 7 will bring new life into this unique storytelling experience.

A sell out success at the 2010 and 2011 Edinburgh Fringe- winning the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award and the Whatsonstage.com Editor’s Prize, transferring to New York, and having toured nationally to rave reviews, we are excited finally to bring our show home for an extended run in London.

We have been given access to a space in Earl Haig Hall, a beautiful building, which in itself is a preserved war memorial hall, a perfect sight specific setting for our show that sets Ancient Roman myths in 1940s wartime Britain. 

Earl Haig Hall in Crouch End

In order to create the immersive, intimate atmosphere that is core to the show within this space, we need your help! Each donation will help us toward our core production costs for the show, that is set, costume and props. 

£100- Will help us source all of the pieces of costumes we still do not have, of which there are over 50 for a 7 person ensemble cast.

£400- Will allow us to buy theatre black curtains, in order to divide the room and create a backstage area. It will also allow us to create a separate room where there will be a different activity or pre-show every night.

£1600- Means all of the above, plus hiring steel deck! This exciting contraption means we can create tiered seating, so nobody has to watch the back of someone’s head all night. 

£2000- Adds in a dance floor for the staging area, so that none of our actors hurt their poor toes when they fling themselves around. 

£2500- Means we can hire a van that moves all our set from our rehearsal space to the venue itself, and back again.

£2700- Lets us buy coloured material to create a beautiful patchwork curtain that frames the staging area

£3000- Means we can improve our puppets, buy better props and generally add some sparkle to the show

£3200- Is the final push to cover all these costs, get some fancy programmes (which you could get a mention in!) and make our audience seating area that bit more comfortable. 

The wonderful space we need to transform.

Only with your help can we create a magical setting for a magical show!

Thank you.

Pants on Fire xo

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