OVERWRITE: Ever wanted to rob a bank?

OVERWRITE is a new short film from TortoiseButler Productions, packed with paranoia and thrilling impossibilities...

We did it!

On 1st Mar 2017 we successfully raised £1,799 of £1,500 target with 54 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

[UPDATE ON BELOW! Thanks to some generous backers, we've already hit our stretch target of £1700, and so we're setting a new one: £1900! With that budget, we'd be able to polish the film even further and get it into even more festivals - we're aiming for Cannes!]

Yes! We've hit our initial target of £1500 and still have one day of our campaign to go! A massive thanks to everyone who's backed our short film OVERWRITE so far.

So, new STRETCH TARGET announced: £1700! With that extra £200, we can:

  • Get some crucial props for our bank set, items that will really sell the building's authenticity.
  • Enter OVERWRITE into film festivals the world over.

Spread the word! Just one day to go!

Ever wanted to rob a bank? No? Ever worried you might... do it anyway?

OVERWRITE centres on a security guard who is having a very bad night. Someone is robbing his bank. Someone who looks exactly like him.

A horror-heist thriller, packed full of paranoia and terrifying impossibilities, OVERWRITE is a short film that documents the all-too-rapid disintegration of that guard's reality along with his desperate attempts to claw back control.

We have the key elements in place for the OVERWRITE shoot in mid-March: a nerve-racking script, an amazing location, a brilliant cast and crew. However, to fully bring this project to life, we’re also going to need your help.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to join the OVERWRITE team on the journey to make this film. And please, share our posts there and help others join us as well!


First of all, like us, you get to be a part of making this film - for that, we cannot thank you enough. Plus we are offering a whole host of rewards for our campaign backers. That includes access to our production material, exclusive previews of the film, screening party invites, producer credits, even personalised songs created by the cast and crew just for you...

Want our writer to craft the TAGLINE TO THE MOVIE OF YOUR LIFE? See the Level 2 reward: A Slight Feeling Of Unease!

Want our writer to invent a SHORT STORY STARRING YOU? See the Level 9 reward: False Memories!

Want to PARTY with us at Ziferblat's swanky new digs in MediaCityUK? See the Level 6 reward: Abject Terror!

(Discover what Ziferblat do at ziferblat.co.uk and read about their amazing new venue here. )

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In the decade we’ve been making films together, practically every member of the TortoiseButler crew has broken into the film and television industry, spending their days working in the camera, lighting, FX and script development departments of renowned companies and high-budget productions.

In that time, we’ve been pursuing ever more ambitious projects on our weekends, tales of time agents, androids, lonely terraformers, sentient (and insane) steam engines, bickering demon-huntersall amazing stories that had to be compressed down into whatever time we could collectively spare. (You can find all these and more on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.)

When our writer Pascoe Foxell dropped the OVERWRITE script in our laps,  we knew that we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if we didn't realise the cruel and sinister world he had created. 

Our director lifted her 3 year ban against interacting with Pascoe (and is dealing with the resulting nosebleeds like a champ), our FX artist is adding to her already glorious sleep deficit to give us Hollywood-level effects, and the best actor for the role has been aggressively lovebombed until he agreed to star.

It's too late for us. It can be too late for you as well.

Just to give you a proper idea of the talent and experience our team will be bringing to OVERWRITE, here is a rundown of some of our credits:

  • Cat Harris, FX Artist - designer of special effects for films such as ‘A Monster Calls’ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.
  • Alia Sheikh, Director - directs cutting-edge projects for the BBC’s R&D Department.
  • Pascoe Foxell, Writer/Producer - According to Hollywood screenwriters John August, Craig Mazin and Kelly Marcel, Pascoe is an entirely imaginary being. He provides script coverage for Kudos Film & TV, Carnival Films, Euston Films, Sky Drama and NBC Universal.  
  • Andy Vine, Director of Photography - experimental film projects for the BBC, Imperial College, EMF.
  • Dave Bewick, Alex Mannion-Jones, Pedro Labanca, Camera Team - adverts, promos and music videos for the World Health Organisation, NHK Japan, University of Salford, and leading Manchester arts hubs HOME MCR & The Lowry.
  • Nick Wolstencroft & Emma Bayliss, Set Designers - create props and sets for ITV, Sky and BBC productions.

We also have the brilliant Edward Linard (soon to be seen in in the History Channel’s Vikings) on board to play the lead.

Edward Linard in previous TortoiseButler film 'CROSSES'


The minimum goal for this campaign is £1500, a budget that covers the very basic requirements of our mid-March film shoot. Without these elements in place, OVERWRITE can’t be made.

Here is a breakdown of how that money will be used, in glorious pie chart form:

In a world where movies are increasingly made to a formula, OVERWRITE represents a way to take back control.

(Wait. WAIT. Read that sentence again. But in MOVIE TRAILER VOICE - "IN A WORLD...")

Seriously though, if you like the story, if you want to see it made, then any support or involvement you can offer is truly appreciated.


By making a pledge
Whether you’re able to pledge £5 or £500 to this campaign, you’ll be a significant part of making OVERWRITE a reality.

By spreading the word
By linking to this project on social media, by telling your friends about it, by encouraging them to spread it even further, we can get people all over the world to hear about the OVERWRITE campaign and back it. At minimum we need to pour regular doses of coffee down the actor and main camera crew.  With enough funds we can caffeinate the rest of the production team as well!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to join the OVERWRITE team on the journey to make this film. And please, share our posts there and help others join us as well! We don't want to be alone in this.

If you’re talking about the film or linking back to this campaign page, you can use the hashtag #everwantedtorobabank.

In addition, if you know anyone who works in the media or runs a film blog or anything like that, you can let them know about our film! We’re always happy to chat about OVERWRITE, as well as to give general advice about indie filmmaking.

That's about it for now - please spread the word about the campaign on Twitter and Facebook as far and wide as you possibly can and, if you have helped us in any of above ways, do take a moment to ponder your generosity. Perhaps treat yourself to a small biscuit. You deserve it!

From all the OVERWRITE team, thank you!









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