Over the Ocean COVID-19 Fund

by Charlotte Austwick in United Kingdom


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To use the power of film for good and fundraise money for the NHS Aneurin Bevan Health Charity

by Charlotte Austwick in United Kingdom

What this is all about….

I am a filmmaker and like many people in this 'COVID 19' crisis, I wanted to do something to help. 

I have decided to use the power of film for good and fundraise money for the NHS Aneurin Bevan Health Charity. This is the National Health Service in Wales, which currently has the highest number of  confirmed 'COVID 19' cases. 

So, I have made a short period film I directed called Over the Ocean available online for 30 days and am asking for a donation of £2 to watch it. 

Once you have donated, you will be sent a private message with a link to watch the film. Please also write your comments, positive and constructive criticism welcome.

After this fundraising campaign, I will send a  cheque to the charity and ask for confirmation they have received it, I will then share this with all the supporters, via updates.

Who am I?

I’m Charlotte and I am a filmmaker and explorer. 

(Below is a picture of me being both camera woman and director on Over the Ocean) 

I started my career in the film industry a number of years ago, taking every opportunity I could to work on set and learn more about the industry. It didn’t take me long to discover that I loved working with the camera. In 2018 I was lucky to be chosen as a Screenskills Camera trainee.  From hard work and perseverance I have also been able to combine my love of exploration and film-making together and have worked on filming documentaries across the globe.  I also do lots of other things, and you can find more at my website www.charlotteaustwick.co.uk

Along my journey I discovered that I really enjoyed directing and working with actors. I wanted to tell bigger stories which captivated peoples imagination and brought awareness to modern day issues. Therefore I started my fictional directing journey with ‘Over the Ocean’ with not a penny to the production. 

Director’s statement 

I sought to make a story which would beguile the watcher. I wanted to make something beautiful and composed nearly every shot to be a stand-alone image, which by itself, could tell a thousand words. Sound was one of the most important factors and I wanted the music to speak in ways in that words and actions cannot. Sound effects were also vital in creating the feverish atmosphere outside the tent and a constant reminder that the soldiers were encamped in the middle of a war-zone. 

Over the Ocean 

Blurb Spoiler alert!

Over the Ocean is a short period drama set during 1879, in the time of the Zulu Wars in Africa. Georgina, a young unmarried mother, waits anxiously along the Cornish coast for news of her lover across the ocean.

A few weeks earlier, across the ocean, Lieutenant Hayton lays fighting for his life from a tropical disease, he asks his good friend and comrade Captain Williams to ‘Fulfill the promise, they made in Sierra Leone’. Reluctantly Captain Williams assists in his friend’s death, however on administration of the poison, Hayton gags and the cause of his death is left unclear, unknown to Captain Williams.

Returning to Cornwall, young Edward delivers the news of Lieutenant Hayton’s death to Georgina, who hiding a mix of emotions, throws the letter and ring into the ocean. Leaving her motives to the audiences own imagination. 


Alannah Egan and Harley. Both fantastic actors. 

Over the Ocean represents a team of hard-working, talented and dedicated casts and crew. We had a production budget of zero and it clearly demonstrates, that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’

Whats next?

If you have enjoyed Over the Ocean and would like a taste of more adventures or potentially support the development for a feature of this production. You can sign up to my personal newsletter by signing up and following this hyperlink. 

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