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An ageing outlaw in America, seeing out his final years in peace, is tracked down by a fanatical stalker wanting to make a name for himself.

by Cameron Dupuy in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This will help Maisie with her production design giving her more of an opportunity to do an amazing job on this film. It will also help us in getting a awesome location to shoot in. The remaining money will be spent on great food and catering for the crew to keep them going during shooting.

Outlaw Legacy heads back to 1960 to tell the story of Ted Brogan, now an old man, reluctantly adjusting to the newly civilized world. Living in solitude, Ted’s true identity is uncovered by Derek Powell, who plans to use Brogan to write himself into Western folklore.

This quickly became a passion-project of mine, encouraged by my fascination with the style and subject matter of the genre. The idea came from inspiration from other revisionist Westerns of the modern era. An anti-hero, adapting to survive, metaphorically battling time itself. His opponent out to satisfy his own selfish greed. One dreaming of the past, the other refusing to live in the present.

The style desired for the film will be sharp and crisp but simultaneously looking like it belongs in the time period that it is set. Vivid contrast will be present between the interior setting of Ted’s home - as cynically secluded as the man himself - and the outside world, with vast and natural colours. The closest either man will get to a return to the Old West.

Matthew Procter - Writer/Director

Although a first-time director, Matthew has always had the ambition of being a filmmaker. Since starting at Bournemouth University in 2017, he has realised a passion for writing, having written several short screenplays. Outlaw Legacy is his latest, and one which he is excited to transform into a fully fledged take on a classic, popular genre.

Cameron Dupuy - Production Manager

Currently in his second year studying Film at Bournemouth University Cameron's main speciality is Production Managing, which he'll be utilising on this project. He's had experience in many different areas on many different films and will use that experience to make Outlaw Legacy happen.

Joe Smith - Director of Photography

Joe’s in his first year of film at BU and is going to be the Director of Photography for this project. Even though this is his first time in this role, he is very experienced with cameras and has even had industry level experience. He looks forward to contributing to the style and look of the film

Chloe Daily - Assistant Director

Chloe is a hardworking Assistant Director who has experience of similar roles across many other films and genres. She is excited to put her organisational and time management skills to the test whilst ensuring the crews creativity remains at its forefront. 

Maisie Watkins - Production Designer

Maisie, the production designer for Outlaw Legacy, has always shown a keen interest in the pre-production of films. Interested in how costumes and sets can add not only realism, but depth and extra layers of a story, Outlaw Legacy is a design challenge she is excited to face. Since starting at Bournemouth University in 2017, Maisie has mainly worked on films in roles such as script writer and sound designer,  so she is excited to bring Outlaw Legacy to life through design.

Nadine Narh - Sound Designer

Since starting university in 2017, Nadine’s interest in sound design has only increased. Nadine has always had a passion for film, but since joining the Outlaw Legacy project, Nadine has had the opportunity to challenge herself by taking on the role as sound designer. She is excited to do her part to bring this Neo-Western to life.

Dan Payn - Editor

Dan is a passionate editor, he has worked on several projects and is gradually learning how to improve himself. This is his first project he’ll be editing on this scale and is hopeful to collaborate on many more in the area of post production.

Bradley Taylor - Assistant Camera

Bradley's in his first year of Film at Bournemouth University. He specialises in cinematography and will be assisting operation of the main camera on Outlaw Legacy. Bradley previously worked on a short film set in a post apocalyptic world, so he is no stranger to big production sets. He hopes that working with this team can make something extraordinary.

The production design is hugely important towards the success of Outlaw Legacy, with prop, costume and location work being of highest importance. This is where the majority of any money received would be allocated. We also want Ted and Derek to be portrayed accurately, despite likely being played by British actors. This means a large portion of the funding would also be set towards hiring actors of a calibre capable of performing convincingly on screen.

We realise that donating financially is not always an option. If so, please like and share this crowdfunding campaign as far and wide as possible. Every bit of support is truly appreciated and will help Outlaw Legacy come to fruition in the best way imaginable. Thank you.


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