Out the Box

Project by new-visuality

Young people who have experienced homelessness. We'll take care of the art sessions. Your input can supply smart clothes for Work Experience

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Via creativity sessions, we harness new skills. These aren't only artistic skills, though this is an aspect of our outreach. Through our use of 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence, we strengthen learners' skills with innovative IT; through our Arts Awards journeys we ensure attainment of nation ally qualified qualifications, with a 100% pass rate; through our work with churches we achieve both Arts Awards and Faith in Action Bronze Awards: both awards lead to stronger social skills, leadership skills, a stronger inclination for personal reflection, and stronger CVs. It is at this point New Visuality intersects both the visual art remit and the world of stronger CVs and employability. Creativity and art are not finite skills in themselves. We arrange with contacts in the creative and hospitality industries and Voluntary sector work placements, sometimes paid, sometimes not. Ultimately our participants go their way with stronger artistic skills, harnessed new skills, nationally recognised certificates and aspirational, CV consolidating experiences in the world of work.

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