Out of Sight

by Out of Sight in Falmouth

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Out of Sight is a short 10 minute pilot episode for a crime drama series. Our aim is to raise funds to help this production come to life!

by Out of Sight in Falmouth



"A new born baby girl is taken from a hospital and is never found, twenty years on will she find out who she really is? "

Out of Sight is about a baby girl that has been abducted. We then see Katy, a young 20 year old woman, who is oblivious to the fact she is the missing girl from 20 years ago. Katy has never really felt like she knows who she truly is, and while studying criminology at university she, unknowingly, starts to look into the old case of the missing baby girl from 20 years ago. Through a series of events Katy begins to realise that she could in fact be the missing girl! 


Out of Sight is a short 10 minute pilot episode for a crime drama series and is influenced by programmes such as 'Liar', 'Thirteen' and 'The Missing'. We aim to create a dark British crime drama which has been mainly influenced by the Madeleine McCann case from 10 years ago.







Hollie is a third year television production student at Falmouth University. She is the director of the production Out Of Sight. Through her love for art and photography Hollie has found a real interest in the production and development of film and moving image. Throughout her years at Falmouth she has worked on a variety of student productions while also gaining experience as a researcher/runner on two BBC documentaries for Wall to Wall in London. Hollie is using this opportunity to delve further into her passion of directing with this short crime drama and has taken inspiration for the project from the case of missing Madeleine McCann, and shows such as Liar, Thirteen and The Missing.


93d11ed2752e1076243ba8c2c56a6df1bddab91eNicole is the producer for the production 'Out of Sight'.  She was greatly influenced from a young age through watching films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and the noir Sunset Boulevard.   Her passion for the media field began at age 15 when studying GSCE film. Now studying a BA television degree at Falmouth University she has developed an interest in the producing field.  Whilst studying she has worked on a variety of projects one of which was producing a documentary for The RNLI.  Nicole is keen to put her skills to use as a producer on this project and to further her career. 


1718d9a704d16d6c56371ca97ad970ff78f9dce6Luzie Backhoff is majoring in Sound for this project. She does not only record the sound on set and operate the boom, but she also does recording with in the dubbing theatre and the sound edit in post production. She has worked on several student productions, e.g. Crime City. She has also gained professional work experience with companies like ENVY, Bandit Television on Sky 1's Delicious, NBC Universal. She's also produced the music video for Mhairi, I Wasn’t Young which is currently running on MTV. She is looking forward to working on this project as she can bring her skill set to the production and help creating its unique sound scape.


Hollie Hendriks i4b0c607bf1d4b8f46944ab9ce96229d794ccaecbs the Cinematographer for Out of Sight.  Her passion for film and television was catalysed whilst studying media at school. She has always had an interest  for storytelling and enjoyed expressing herself creatively, be it through art, photography or film-making. In 2015, she won a competition hosted at BAFTA which helped her realise her love for cinematography. Whilst at university she has shot several documentaries, which has helped her with her skills in visual story telling. She's only had one experience with shooting a fictional piece, so shooting on Hollie’s drama will be an interesting and valuable experience for her. Cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki and Tim Ives have had a huge influence on her and her style of filming. 


0bf99b3808e80a53620cb3a7eec99db7620db1bbAbbey is the editor for Out of Sight. Throughout her three years at Falmouth University she has completed the Avid course, worked on a range of student productions also gaining experience on Sky 1's Delicious. Abbey's excited to have this opportunity to further her skills in editing.


Tom has wanted to beab04e666cddd252ae759c71ff695f1adc8a6b676 a writer since he was seven and loves to write, whether it’s comedy sketches, drama films, or bios about himself in the third person. Tom graduated from Falmouth Uni in 2017 with a first in BA Television. Since then he has written short films for production companies, assisted established writers and directors with their respective projects, is currently writing a drama series for radio and written a comedy skit for NBC.


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