Help fund our wedding in memory of a special man

by Shelley Birt in Bures, England, United Kingdom

Help fund our wedding in memory of a special man
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The funds to pay for our wedding in August 2019 from my partner's father's estate has not yet materialised and everything is booked.

by Shelley Birt in Bures, England, United Kingdom

After almost three years together my partner Leon proposed to me at my 40th birthday, in front of all of our friends and family, including my parents and Leon's father.  It was a magical day and we began making wedding plans although had not planned a date as we were waiting until we had the money to pay for it.

We have met each other later in life but we are so happy together and it really feels like it is meant to be.  We have five children between us aged from 13 to 22 and they all get on so well we really couldn't wish for it to be better.  We live in a semi detached house and although it is tight for space when all the family are together, we are together and really when it comes to it, it is all that matters.

On 14th October 2018 Leon's father suddenly died of a fatal heart attack, our world came to a grinding halt, as did Leon's business, where I also work.

After a period of time we got back to work, but it did have and still has had a detrimental effect on cash flow and left us in a less than ideal financial situation.  There was however a glimmer of light, as we found out that Leon was one of the beneficiaries to his father's estate.  We knew that although it came from tragedy that this money was what we desperately needed.  We decided to book the wedding and use the money from the estate so that we could take Leon's late father's ashes to the wedding before they were scattered in the Autumn of 2019.  We both agreed, as did our friends and family, that Leon's father would have loved the idea that his legacy was funding the beginning of our life together as a married couple.

We started making plans and were told that the funds would take a few months to be finalised.

Unfortunately, and maybe due to naivety, the funds have not yet materialised and now we are still waiting for property to sell in order to get the money... this will take time and time that we really don't have as bills for the wedding are coming in and need to be paid.  

We really don't want to have to cancel the wedding as it is a special day for our friend's and family and also we have arranged for Leon's late father's ashes to be there too. 

On the sad day that Leon's father died it was Essex & Hearts Air Ambulance that came to his aid initially, although other paramedics also attended the scene, it was the air ambulance that got there and were able to keep him alive until he got to the hospital and his family were there to say goodbye.  Family members have raised money for this amazing charity and we also raised a considerable amount at the funeral.  If we are able to fund the wedding using crowdfunding now, then once we get the funds from the estate we would also like to donate to Essex & Hearts Air Ambulance, as this plea for help is not for us to financially benefit but for us to not miss out on our special day.

We would very much appreciate any help at all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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